Cloud Block Storage

Cloud Block Storage for Protection and Mobility

Pure Cloud Block Store™ delivers seamless data mobility, resilience, and a consistent experience—no matter where your data lives.

Gain Efficiency with Cloud Block Storage

Your data uses less cloud storage infrastructure due to Pure’s industry-leading data compression, thin provisioning, and deduplication. Benefit from snapshots and clones that consume no additional cloud storage. See how it works.

Data Resilience and Disaster Recovery

Achieve high availability with efficient, reliable replication. Maintain synchronization between replicas and master data sets. Pure Cloud Block Store delivers continuous uptime, always-on encryption, regulatory compliance, and better TCO.

Multicloud Environment

Eliminate data silos with seamless data mobility across heterogeneous environments, promoting better collaboration. Pure Cloud Block Store’s common data plane delivers a consistent user experience, no matter where your data lives.

Efficient DevTest with Cloud

The ability to make snapshots and clones in the cloud means you don’t have to deploy new on-premises hardware for testing. Pure Cloud Block Store snapshots and clones consume negligible cloud storage, improving software time to market and TCO.

What is Cloud Block Storage?

Block storage (also known as block-level storage) is the preferred data storage format used by storage area networks (SANs) found in data centers. Cloud block storage is block storage that's stored in the cloud.

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People also ask:

1. What are the benefits of cloud block storage?

Benefits of cloud block storage include:

  • The convenience of cloud storage
  • Reliable I/O performance (IOPS/$)
  • Low-latency connectivity
  • Persistent data storage in the cloud
  • Ease of access by relational databases and RESTful web services
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2. What are cloud block storage use cases?

Cloud block storage brings the benefits of on-premises SANs to the cloud. Here are some examples of how you can leverage Pure Cloud Block Store:

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Don't Take Our Word for It

We work with the best across all industries.

“Right out of the gate, RPO and RTO had to be validated and attested to, and we were able to achieve that with Pure Cloud Block Store.”

Wes North
AVP Technology Operations

“Running Pure Cloud Block Store, we experienced 80:1 data reduction, improving the performance of our critical applications and ultimately reducing costs.”

Joe Sueper
VP Global Infrastructure and Operations

Save with AWS and Pure Cloud Block Store

See how you can save when you use AWS along with Pure Cloud Block Store to provide storage efficiencies as well as enterprise-grade resilience and redundancy. (Estimated calculations available only in USD.)