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AIOps Planning and Support with Pure1

Faster, More Informed Planning

Your data centre environment isn’t static. As your business grows and changes, your infrastructure must keep pace. Traditional ways of planning for growth, including spreadsheets, guesswork, and fortune-telling, just aren’t effective.

Pure1 Meta, Your New AIOps Teammate

Based on years of development, Pure1 Meta® is a powerful AI engine designed to help fill the gap left by traditional planning tools. Plan for performance and capacity with recommendations generated by machine learning, based on the entire fleet of Pure Storage appliances. Both machine learning and fingerprinting automatically keep your data storage functioning at peak levels.

To make planning even easier, Pure1 Meta continuously learns from more than 100,000 workloads and 1 trillion data points. It powers the Pure1 Workload Planner, providing three key capabilities for planning for purchased arrays and Evergreen//One™ subscriptions.

  • New Application Deployment: Pure1 Meta delivers the intelligence to show you how best to plan for new applications. Simply choose from available commonly deployed applications, including SAP HANA, Oracle, Epic, and more. Or, size for a custom application. Pure1 Meta gives you the recommended deployment for typical, small, large, or custom-sized applications and shows exactly what you need to deploy it in your data centre. From there you can also use either of the other workload planning options.

  • Workload Simulation: This is the core engine of Workload Planner. Use it to take any workload running on your Pure Storage appliances and simulate growth in multiple ways.
    For example, you can simulate:
    • Scaling a workload to see what it looks like if you have twice the growth for that database application.
    • Cloning a workload to explore what would happen if you had twice as many VMs.
    • Migrating a workload to another Pure Storage appliance in your data centre, migrating a workload from a purchased appliance to an Evergreen//One subscription, or adding a new appliance for that workload.

In all of these simulations, you’ll get recommendations on the best location to place the simulated workload. The Workload Planner does the hard work for you, while giving you the best locations based on available performance and capacity.    

  • Hardware Simulation: Simulate the hardware setup to evaluate the impact to performance and capacity. For example, you can compare what the results would be for adding capacity to existing appliances or deploying a new appliance.

These capabilities provide projections of up to 12 months for both performance and capacity for the changes you’re evaluating. In short, they simplify planning for the future.

And that’s not all. Pure1 Meta automatically generates upgrade recommendations when you’re at risk of filling up your capacity or have increased performance demands. You can also adjust these recommendations based on your knowledge of upcoming business requirements and request a quote when you’re ready to purchase.

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Proactive AIOps Support

Pure1 doesn’t stop at helping you plan for the future. Pure1 Meta ensures your Pure Storage appliances are healthy, current, and performing at peak levels. It tracks the health of all installed Pure Storage appliances and closely monitors known issues. Pure then proactively fixes more than 70% of known issues. (It’s just one of the reasons Pure Support gets the industry’s highest NPS rating.)

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