The New Landscape of Payer Solutions

New models of insurance demand healthcare payer solutions that deliver real-time data access globally – and for that, Pure's speed, agility, and intelligence are ideal.


The health insurance IT landscape is changing rapidly. Demands for faster, more secure, 24/7 access to increasing volumes of data and services come from providers and consumers alike. Meanwhile, new data sources and new models of care delivery are exploding the volume of data that insurers must store, analyse, and share. With traditional infrastructures unable to keep up, insurers need solutions with the power, resilience, and security to drive business edge today and into the future.

Data Storage Payer Solutions for Healthcare IT

Driving Operational Efficiencies

Pure Storage payer solutions dramatically accelerate and simplify insurer operations – while delivering lower TCO.

Pure Storage Accelerates and Simplifies Insurer Operations

Drive Your Applications

All-flash speed and resilience mean quicker reporting, faster completion of critical business processes, and more productive agents and analysts – not to mention provider satisfaction, improved end-user experiences, and better business results.

Do Much More with Less

With data reduction that’s on average 2x better than the competition, and savings of up to 10x on power, cooling, and space, the Data Platform enables organisations to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency.

Lower Risk, Lower Cost

A modern data experience delivers industry-leading reliability – proven 99.9999% availability for FlashArray, completely non-disruptive operations, and built-in, always-on encryption – with a TCO that’s typically 70% less than traditional Tier 1 disk.

“Customer service in the payer space has moved from traditional business hours to 24 x 7 in the new consumerization paradigm. Websites must be up, call centers must be responsive, claims data must be accessible, and enrollment data must be adaptable at the member’s discretion at any time. Similarly, care coordination must be responsive to clinical events at all times; if consumers are dissatisfied, they will change carriers.”
Jeff Rivkin
Research Director, IDC Health Insights

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