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CDC Delivers 21st-Century Health Detection

In a race to fight COVID-19, the CDC accelerated its genetic sequencing workloads from days to minutes with Pure Storage®.


Delivering a 21st-century health detection and surveillance system is about putting science and advanced technology into action to prevent disease. To achieve that, the CDC needs the data speed and turnaround times to support rapid, high-performance data analyses. Departments across the CDC now rely on Pure Storage to support their data workloads.


  • Government


  • North America

Use Cases

  • Accelerate Core Applications
  • Activate Real Time Analytics


G.O.A.T. - North America - CDC
For potentially saving countless lives and leading the United States’ fight against infectious diseases, the CDC wins this year’s Pure Storage Greatest of All Time Award.


When COVID-19 hit, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) found itself in a race against time. The ability to process data quickly became a matter of life and death. The CDC’s genomic surveillance efforts have sped up dramatically since reimagining its storage environment, with sequencing workloads that used to take days now taking just minutes.


Business Transformation

  • Helps the CDC to intervene sooner, save lives, and reduce illness
  • Aids in the development of life-saving vaccines and improves food safety
  • Supports data workloads for departments across the CDC

IT Transformation

  • Sequencing workloads that used to take days now take just minutes
  • Enables array upgrades with zero interruption to its data-driven operations
  • Reduced storage footprint in its data centre from three racks to half a rack

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