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Speed Clinical Data Insights for Healthcare

Fast matters in healthcare. Pure redefines fast and maximises IT agility so organisations can realize the full value of their data. No more “click and wait” for clinical answers. No more disruptive data storage upgrades. Just quicker insights for better patient care.

Data Storage Solutions for the Healthcare Sector

Pure solutions can help you accelerate digital transformation across the entire healthcare landscape. Tame the increasing volume and complexity of clinical, financial and operational data.

Your Data is a Target. Protect It.

Ransomware can encrypt your electronic health record (EHR) production data and your backups, making recovery more complex. Reduce your exposure and expedite recovery with data-protection solutions from Pure, including Pure Storage® FlashBlade//S with Cohesity® DataProtect™, SafeMode™ snapshots, and backup as-a-service.

Improve EHR System Performance

Legacy storage can’t meet the demands of today’s EHR solutions. Maximise your EHR investment with modern storage. Work to improve clinician satisfaction and patient experience with all-flash solutions, whether on-premises, cloud, hybrid cloud, or Pure-as-a-service.

Simplify Enterprise Imaging

Running PACS on all-flash storage that loads images faster is smart. And it’s easier than managing a fleet of spinning disks. Pure solutions are scalable to meet the growing volume of imaging data and optimised for analytics and AI to deliver rapid insights.

Subscribe to Innovation

Evergreen//Forever™ is about applying a SaaS-like approach to on-premises storage. You can buy your storage once, then upgrade and modernise it as needed. And do it without disruption or rebuying any TBs you already own.

Engage Advanced Services

Your IT team delivers, but it’s always expected to do more. Pure Advanced Services can help you fill gaps, assess technology, and develop innovation plans. Our teams are experts in storage, multicloud, data protection, and data applications.

Survival Kit
Can You Survive a Ransomware Attack?

Healthcare organisations are a top target for ransomware attacks. Protect your data, business, and organisation’s reputation. Learn how Pure can speed your recovery and help you survive a ransomware attack.

Get Your Survival Kit
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Don't Take Our Word for It

We work with the best across all industries.

“With Evergreen, we could purchase a framework in which we could add storage for more than three years and avoid a forklift upgrade.”

Bob Sarnecki
CIO, Children’s of Alabama

“With Pure Storage, we’re saving clinicians and those who support them a lot of time over the course of a day so they can focus on delivering the best patient care.”

Jesse Fasolo
Director of Technology and Information Security, St. Joseph’s Health

What is digital health?

Digital health is an industry category that covers the intersection between digital technologies and the healthcare industry. Digital health includes mobile healthcare apps, telemedicine, personalized care, wearable devices, and healthcare IT.

People also ask:

1. What is healthcare data management?

Healthcare data management is about administering an effective strategy for managing healthcare data both on-premises and in the cloud. From digital health technologies to the day-to-day record keeping of patient visits, healthcare data managers must invest in IT infrastructure capable of securely storing and working with healthcare data.

2. What is healthcare data analytics?

Healthcare data analytics is the practice of applying data science to raw healthcare data in order to gain insights that can lead to better decision-making.

The healthcare industry has to deal with large volumes of unstructured data such as patient records, medical images, payment processing, and insurance policies.

Add to that the growing challenges of managing data from streaming devices such as medical implants, wearables, and healthcare IT, and the value of extracting information from healthcare data through analytics has never been more important.

3. How is AI leading digital health trends?

From digital pathology to personalized medicine to predictive diagnostics, artificial intelligence (AI) has been leading the charge in helping healthcare institutions and businesses take their digital healthcare workflows to the next level.

AI tools are helping hospitals prioritize cases based on urgency, answering patient questions through conversational chatbots, and speeding up accurate digital pathology diagnoses with AI-powered analytics.

But AI engines are only as powerful as the underlying IT infrastructure that supports them. Pure Storage created FlashBlade® to provide an all-flash storage solution capable of delivering the massive parallelism, performance, and reliability needed for AI workloads.

4. How can Pure Storage help drive digital transformation in healthcare?

At the heart of the digital health revolution is a growing desire to place patients back at the heart of healthcare through new tools and technologies that can deliver personalized healthcare options.

That means healthcare institutions and businesses need a data storage solution that’s agile enough to integrate the data needs of new healthcare systems and apps while maintaining performance, security, and availability.

Whether it's ensuring 99.9999% availability with Purity ActiveCluster™ on FlashArray™ or consolidating healthcare data workloads into a unified scale-out data hub through FlashBlade, or integrating AWS cloud workloads with on-premises data solutions with Pure Cloud Block Store™, Pure has the all-flash storage solutions and products you need to make your healthcare data storage simple, seamless, and sustainable.

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