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Evergreen//Flex Overview

Learn how Evergreen//Flex combines asset ownership and consumption economics to deliver storage with flex appeal.
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Modernizing your business starts with modernizing your storage infrastructure. Yet legacy storage solutions are costly, complex and inflexible. Restricting your organization's ability to adapt and grow. Pure storage offers a modern ownership option that combines a traditional storage purchase with consumption based pricing. Pure storage.
Evergreen flags is built around your needs. Providing the agility, you need to move your business forward, lower your initial hardware costs by up to 80% while maintaining ownership of your asset and only pay for what you use based on purchased capacity, match expenses to resources more closely with site level metering that lets you decouple capacity from individual arrays,
eliminating penalties for inaccurate array level forecasting, optimize your storage operations with fleet level data pack mobility. This gives you the ability to move capacity between arrays in the same product family to handle increases in workloads or user demand experience. The efficiencies of a consumption model while retaining asset ownership for total control
over policy management, for security and compliance, ensure your storage technology is always modern because it's powered by the Evolutionary Evergreen architecture. Your subscription also includes non disruptive hardware upgrades and sass delivered software upgrades, flex your power with pure storage.
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