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Manage Hybrid Cloud Environments with Infrastructure as Code

Managing bespoke hybrid cloud environments can be challenging and time-consuming. Physical infrastructure and networks have traditionally been barriers to velocity. Equinix aims to change these standards.
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Mhm in this video will be demonstrating how to manage hybrid cloud environments with infrastructure as code. The agenda for this overview is first will review the environment. Second will review the tariff or module. Third will run terra form. Apply and verify that the provisioning took
place and then fourth will run terra form, destroy and clean up the environment. The high level environment overview is a mix of Equinox and Amazon Web services. On the left hand side. In this diagram, you can see equinox metal will be creating a bare metal server and equinox metal, and we'll also be creating an E C to virtual machine in AWS.
The result of the demo is that all of the compute resources and the networking resources to establish the connection between Equinix Metal and Amazon Web services will be provisioned as part of the terra form module. This includes all of the layer to networking with an equinox metal as well as the equinox fabric, virtual connection at 10 gigabits per second and the AWS resources
for direct connect. The final result is that the user will be able to log on to the bare metal device and immediately start to paying the EC two instance after the provisioning has been completed. Examples for this or should say the resources for this demonstration can be found on terror forms. Website Equinox has providers as well as AWS
has providers, and many of the major cloud service providers have, uh, terror form providers and resources available to build these types of environments. So first we'll look at the Terra form script for the Equinox Metal or the bare Metal Service. First, we're going to create a V land with inside of the Metal Network. Then we're going to create the metal instance itself.
You can see here we're going to specify that it's a C three medium server in the Washington D. C. Metro and it'll have Santos version seven, And then you can see here that we're going to be using a template file. I'll come back to that here in the next slide and show you what's taking place there. The next step for this is that we're going to set the networking mode on the server itself to
hybrid bonded. We're going to attach the instance to the villain that we created up here and then finally we're going to be requesting a virtual connection to Equinox fabric now coming back over here to this user data that we're going to be passing into the device. One of the neat things about economics metal is that you can pass in a bash script to, uh either user data or cloud in
it, and it will do things such as updating packages and installing new packages. It will also, uh, create a sub interface as well as apply a B G P configuration for Bird. Next, we'll look at the Equinix Fabric Terra Form script. In this case, you can see we're going to be creating a layer two connection to Amazon.
Direct Connect will be designating this as a 10 gig connection. We're going to give it a villain, I d. It will be in us East one. Um, And then there's some credentials that we're passing along with us as well to automatically accept the direct connect connection and then finally, for the AWS side, you can see we're going to be using us East one.
We're going to be using a default VPC. We're going to be creating an EC two instance At T two micro. And then we're going to be creating the Direct Connect and specifically the private life for virtual Interface. This contains the I. P. Addressing information for the B G P beer.
All right, so next we'll go ahead and run terra form. So we start by initialising terror form. We run terror form in it, and that starts to reform. Next, we're going to run to reform plan, and this goes out and reads the script and then provides a print out of all of the changes that will take place.
You can see in this case we're going to be adding nine resources. Next, you run terra form. Apply type in. Yes, and this goes out and starts to execute the script. You can see here that it's creating things like a layer two connection. It's creating a metal. Instance.
We've spent this process up. It takes about 12 to 15 minutes to fully execute. See here that the equinox fabric layer two connections now complete, and it's moved onto creating the AWS private virtual interface for direct connect. All right, and then now that the process is completed, you can see that it's provided in an
output format. The Private I, P and Public I p addresses for the EC. Two instance. Next, we're going to log onto the device to the devices themselves. So I'll start with the Equinox Metal bare metal server on the left hand side and the black terminal window. So what?
Ssh! Onto that device. Okay, this is common. We recycle I p addresses. And so I just have to clear this I p address from my local machine and I'll again again. And there's the initial prompt.
Go ahead and clear the screen and then on the right hand side and the orange terminal window along into the EC. Two instance. And this is obviously the public IP address for the EC. Two instance successfully logged on.
Now let's take a look at the network configuration for both of these devices you can see on the EC two instance, I've got a private IP address as well in the 172 range and on the clinics metal bare metal side. I've got it. A bond 0.2222, and I've got a private I P address of 192.168 dot 200 dot to.
So now I'm going to paying the private IP addresses of both machines. And as you can see, we can now successfully piggy back and forth, which validates and verifies that all of the networking constructs as well as B g p is up on both sides of this connection. All right, And then so for the last part of this demo,
we're gonna run terra form, destroy. And when you run terra form destroy that essentially backs out any of the changes that we made and cleans up the environment. So this is going to go and it's going to remove all nine of those resources that we deployed, And it's basically going to set the environment back to a sanitary state where it was when we first started.
Okay, that concludes this demo. Thank you very much.
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Managing bespoke hybrid cloud environments can be challenging and time-consuming. Physical infrastructure and networks have traditionally been barriers to velocity. Equinix aims to change these standards. See how using infrastructure as code - specifically, Terraform - enables you to quickly and repeatedly deploy physical and digital assets to build your ideal hybrid cloud environment. Spend a short time planning then sit back and watch while physical servers and network connections are deployed in minutes to public clouds using private and dedicated connections such as AWS Direct Connect."

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