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Pure Storage and DataHub

DataHub Founder Member and Managing Director Deepak Shrestha shares how Pure Storage FlashArray//X helped DataHub modernise their data storage infrastructure.
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Mhm. Mm. When we started the data hub 12 years ago, Uh, this is one of the first data centres, The first private data centre here in Nepal. And, uh, You know, this is a very, very new concept. People are not aware of data centres, And this is a huge, uh, you know, bleep that we made into investing,
Um, billing data centre here in Kathmandu. The second one that we built was, you know, a place called, But well, because, you know, Nepal is earthquake prone zone, And we had to build two data centres just to protect mission critical applications for banks And and the other customers that we've got an idea to centre.
Or when we started, we had a very, very difficult time getting in customers, Getting, you know, getting customers, fella, data centres. But then, you know, it's been about, um after about four or five years, We've been able to convince customers that, you know, uh oh, Locating in a data centre like us would be more financially benefit beneficial to customers
Than building their own data centre. Um, and about four years ago, We built our cloud services. People thought that you know this is gonna be a Foolish attempt because of the likes of Amazon and Microsoft in India, You know, this is gonna be a bad business venture, but we've been very, Very successful. Our business.
We're going to fold since we've got push pure storage. Uh, in our data centre. Mm. Nepal is a growing economy, and we do see a lot of I t companies coming up. We do see a lot of manufacturing companies, banks and finances, Financial and insurance companies coming up in the park.
And, you know, managing their own applications in their own on premises of Cuban is going to Be a big challenge for them. So this is the reason that we build the cloud mission critical cloud, Uh, infrastructure using pure storage. And we've been the market leader. Uh, since then, um, the growth has been tremendous.
We've been very, very successful because of the stability, the high performance that we that We've been able to provide to our customers. Yes. Mhm. Okay. It was this high performance, High performance and high performance. But I can see about your storeys. As you know, the performance has been very, very consistent.
High performance very, very consistent, very stable. We've been very happy. Our customers are very happy since we've been Migrating all of the customers into pure storage. Uh, actually, for customers, it's the performance, the quality of service that really Matters. But for a service provider like us, it is also,
You know, got to do with stability. It's also got to do with, Uh, the good region of investment because of the the, Uh, online compression and the duplication that happens very, Very stable. The platform is very stable. Um, and it also gives us a non disruptive upgrades, which is very beneficial for for
Service providers like us. Besides that, uh, You know, the the the system is very, very simple to manage. And, you know, we've got a few brain, uh, your storeys, uh uh, Indonesia, who have been helping us, you know, maintain the system, Which is very, very simple, in fact, yes, definitely.
We've had a couple of customers who are very, very reluctant to move some of their mission Critical applications into the cloud. But, you know, We coax them and they started doing some PCs. Are pilots with us? And since then, you know, we've been very, very happy. And they've migrated. The mission critical applications,
Uh, into our into our cloud. Uh, some of them are, You know, one of the largest, uh, incidents companies who have actually migrated. That entire, um uh, incidents, uh, applications there. Mail service, the databases, everything into our our cloud. Uh, certain manufacturing, uh, companies as well who have migrated all of the er be running
On sap Hana in two o'clock because of the stability and the performance that have been, Um, that we've been able to achieve since we migrated, Appear storage. When we started cloud services about four years ago, we were the first ones to do it, And we wanted to do it in a very, very affordable manner. So we got off the self infrastructure used software defined storage is to make it very,
Very affordable to the Nepalese companies who wanted to come to a data centre. But we will learn the hard way that, you know, storeys is a very, Very critical peace development in a cloud infrastructure. And we have to go with the market leader rather than experiment with softer defined storeys Is Which are not proven. Um, till today. Mhm. Mm.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
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DataHub was founded 12 years ago with a plan to be the first in Nepal to provide data centre and cloud services. The company overcame the challenges of educating customers on data centers and cloud services, but was faced with issues of performance, latency, and high OPEX costs associated with customer deployments.

Modernising its legacy storage system was the only option, according to Deepak Shrestha, Founder Member and Managing Director at DataHub Pvt Ltd. To do this, he chose Pure Storage FlashArray//X. “The partnership with Pure Storage has been a fruitful journey and is helping us expand our business,” says Shreshta.

Read DataHub's story here.

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