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15:16 Webinar

Pure Storage at Reuters MOMENTUM

Join Pure’s CPO, Ajay Singh, for a virtual session to learn how to achieve sustainability goals while growing your business and managing data growth with Pure.
This webinar first aired on 11 October 2022
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Next up our bronze sponsor Pure storage will be presenting on how to achieve sustainability goals while growing your business and managing data growth. Please welcome to the stage. R. J. Singh Hello, I'm R. J. Singh chief product officer at Pure storage and I have seen the explosion of data and its impact on the data infrastructure
and the need to mitigate the environmental impact of data infrastructure, particularly as data workloads grow as fellow innovators. We all motivated by the desire to solve complex problems, particularly using data insights as we drive and strive to get a competitive edge in the digital transformation
and to do that we make technology faster scalable smarter but we also need to make technology sustainable and these goals are not at odds with each other. We can drive progress and speed and insights into data, but at the same time we can also make it sustainable. In fact we are building sustainable models for the future with data storage
with significantly lower power, lower cooling and far less waste overall reducing emissions for global data centers. At the at the World Economic Forum several corporate leaders expressed a strong sentiment towards sustainability. In fact they all recognize the need to take proactive steps to reduce carbon was really a
responsibility but also a source of competitive advantage as we could drive lower cost, meet customer needs and also aid in the attracting of talent to the organization but with no end in sight to this growth of data, the need from the need to drive data insights. Data centers are increasingly going to play a bigger and bigger role in any corporate
sustainability strategy. So data and data insights today play a fairly fundamental role in driving new products and services. You hear about all these great machine learning algorithms against structured and unstructured data. Getting unique insights and A has two product
managers as they better understand customer needs and get an edge in the marketplace. But the same data centers use a tremendous amount of power from the racks and racks of spinning disk servers and network devices, you know, backup and and disaster recovery business processes operating and with so much data. Ultimately this data has to be stored someplace. In fact,
The total data storage projected in the 2025 time frame is set to exceed 200 Zita bites, That is 200 billion terabytes. And so with all that data, Located every person in the developed world is interacting with some data service or the other every 18 seconds.
And as more and more people enter the developed world you can imagine the desire to interact is only going up there by driving this explosive growth in data centers. So we need to address the power consumption of data centers Today, according to the International Energy Agency. Data centres consume roughly 1% of global electricity consumption.
And yet this energy consumption is actually limiting the growth of data centers. There are several jurisdictions that have said sorry, we can't handle any more data centers. We just don't have the power to do it. For example, recently Ireland there was a lot in the news about saying we can't really handle more global data centers in Ireland anymore and they're trying to figure out how to work around it
because they just don't have the power to be able to do it. Your believes that data success hinges on energy energy efficiency. All data centers must be optimized for power cooling in space. If you have to avoid a costly, high emission future, this means leveraging data storage technology that not only
meets the performance and capacity requirements, but also delivers energy and emission savings. Pure is focused on helping customers make smarter decisions through data insights at the lowest wattage and space required. In fact, the more we saw the disruption in the energy markets and the explosive growth of data
we felt there was a need to help our customers decrease carbon footprints as they advanced in the digital transformation. When it comes to sustainability. Legacy storage systems are challenged. You know, traditional data central architects tend to get a mishmash of spinning
disk hybrid arrays, all flash arrays across low end systems. Mid mid end systems, high end systems and all of that requiring a lot of operations on workload placement and scheduling typically makes it for a fairly inefficient operation. Even now, corporate data centers are optimized for reliability and performance rather than efficiency.
Pure has had a big focus on efficiency, optimizing performance for what with unmatched storage densities. How efficient 1 5th the power consumed by another oil flash system and how dense 1/10 the density of the space space required for the same storage systems. And we pull that off through solid state
technologies. That means our data storage systems take less space while at the same time reducing power requirements even more. We've also recognized that it's not only all about designing systems intentionally but also how you service those systems. And we've come up with this notion of a non disruptive upgrade where through a combination of hardware and software,
we sense in a customer location when a part is coming up towards the end of its life and then we can non destructively without any migration just only replace those components, thereby extending the life of these components. What that means is we spare customers the unnecessary product replacements that are associated and the associated E waste with that.
So let's explore three specific actions for enterprises assessing their own environmental impact. 1st, a materiality assessment, a materiality assessment of the formal exercise to engage stakeholders and find out how important specific E. S. G. Concerns are to them, this helps identify key priority areas that are intersecting stakeholder engagement with business success
at Pure our assessment while we looked at all the stakeholder requirements, our assessment really helped us focus in on those areas where we could drive the biggest impact on the environment and for us it was our products and our services because that's what generates the most in the environment. The second is development developing a as a service approach Leveraging 3rd
parties. Our view is that as a service is all about buying outcomes with sls and so somebody mentioned, you know, using cloud services, that's a great example of using as a service approaches because you can start small and then you can grow and have transparency with your pricing and so you're not setting up systems that are up ready for service but not being used there by consuming a
lot of energy. That means you can work with partners that can flex capacity that meets your needs without standing up systems that are not being used or doing rip and replace upgrades at pure without evergreen one subscription, we offer that capability to customers where they can buy as they consume and and systems are not stood up when they are really not being used.
So that avoids having either underutilized or over provision systems. So as a service is another great way to push your sustainability objectives. The third way is to think about optimizing your supply change end to end by recycling, recycling, packaging, eliminating packaging waste, choosing sustainable supplier networks and adopting quality driven manufacturing processes
because ultimately, a supply chain designed to be responsive and divers can handle surges in demand. So you want that from a business standpoint, but at the same time, you want to make sure that your supply chain has a lot of sustainability elements in it. At pure we have a global supply chain that while ensuring ethical treatment of workers,
it is also environmentally sound and driving environmentally sound practices. Finally, it's important that while yes, data centers maybe where we recommend you start to think about a sustainability effort, but you also want to make sure that the sustainability principles go deep in your corporate ethos on how you design fundamentally design your products.
And in this area we recommend two areas how you design your products and how you perform your customer service, because that's where you have the biggest impact in your customer base. And this is good business reasons to focus on your products and your services because that's where the puck is skating, You know, by 2070. Proactive action on climate could add up to $3 trillion US market alone, there's a great opportunity to build products
and services that are sustainable. In fact, 80% of the companies today are reporting sustainability up from 13% in 1993. And even financial institutions are noting noting this because assets under EEC funds grew to 330 billion in 2021 And sustainability and climate change is affecting all of us. You know,
80% of corporate leaders today say they've been impacted by some climate change event. So definitely where the park is going, what the investment and so what that means is designing sustainable products and services. We feel there's a big payoff for that for us. In in our case we realize that linking hardware and software really would contribute to sustainability because through our software linkage we can figure out when our hardware at
a customer site is likely going to fail and we replace it just in time, so we can extend the life as much as possible. Does you manufacture anything? Probably your products are the biggest contributors to e waste in the in the marketplace. So our advice is to strive to be the best
economic and environmental partner to your customers with very intentional sustainable designs. Think about the ways to promote repair, reuse of products, extend service lifetimes of the products. We did the same at pure and our design was very intentional to drive 1/5 the power, 1/10 of space with this non disruptive upgrade process that we talked about from a service
standpoint. So in closing this year's spike in energy prices is delivering certainly pain at the pump and inflationary pressures that we all all of us face. But this is also complex, complicating our rising climate change vulnerabilities that comes with our increasing reliance on fossil fuels. We can rise to the occasion and innovate to
build sustainable model for the future with data storage designed and engineered to require lower power, lower cooling and far less e waste, thereby reducing global data center, carbon emissions, sustainability and carbon neutrality are too important to ignore. We can all be proud of the steps we are taking to make a meaningful impact in this particular
area. We must commit and continuously improve our corporate philosophies to support these efforts. Thank you.
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Ajay Singh

Chief Product Officer, Pure Storage

Achieve Sustainability Goals and Data Success

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Mitigating the environmental impact of data infrastructure has become critical as data workloads continue to grow exponentially. Building a sustainable model for the future now demands data storage that is engineered to require lower power, lower cooling, and far less waste.

Join Pure’s Chief Product Officer, Ajay Singh for a virtual session to learn how Pure can help you move forward with a data storage system that saves money—and the planet.

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