Modern Infrastructure Fit for Today’s Economics

Now available as a service, FlashStack® software-defined hybrid-cloud infrastructure integrates compute, network, and storage. It’s simpler than ever to scale on-premises to a hybrid cloud with unified management and flexible consumption for every workload.

FlashStack converged infrastructure solution for all your enterprise data applications

Simplicity, Flexibility, and Performance

FlashStack from Pure and Cisco delivers cloud-like agility and pay-as-you-use pricing across hybrid-cloud environments. Stop compromising. Start small and scale fast, run any application, and upgrade non-disruptively. Quickly unlock new capabilities to achieve business outcomes while staying within budget.

Simplify with FlashStack

Power your infrastructure using fewer resources through advanced automation. AI-based management oversees the on-premises infrastructure and delivers capacity-on-demand across multicloud environments. Reducing silos means less overhead with added savings.

Simplify your converged infrastructure workloads across the cloud

Remove Risk from the Equation

Choose from more than 25 pre-validated solutions to rapidly deploy and support any application or workload. Pay only for what you use. Scale compute, servers, and storage independently. Non-disruptive upgrades let you build capacity risk-free and on your schedule.

Increase workload and scale applications with FlashStack IT infrastructure platform

Speed Your Response to Change

Improve time to market and customer response. Ultra-fast performance means you can run any workload at scale and consistently meet SLAs for critical applications. Flexible consumption and capacity on demand enable you to quickly adapt infrastructure to new use cases.

Mission critical application support with FlashStack

What is software-defined hybrid cloud infrastructure?

Converged Infrastructure (CI) and Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) are yesterday’s architectures. A Modern Data Experience demands the flexibility and scalability of software-defined infrastructure—cloud-smart infrastructure that is AI-managed and delivered as a service. FlashStack is that infrastructure. It runs your data centre and your cloud. The integrated storage, compute, and network layers are managed holistically, but still scale discreetly. With FlashStack as a Service, you can now provision each layer independently to precisely align your operating expenses with your IT usage.

People also ask:

1. What are the benefits of software-defined hybrid-cloud  infrastructure?

Common benefits of software-defined hybrid cloud or “smart” cloud  infrastructure solutions include:

  • Consolidation of storage, network, and compute resources into a single AI-managed  software and hardware solution

  • Alignment of the capacity requirements and infrastructure costs precisely to the IT requirements of your business. 

  • Infrastructure that is easy to manage, deploy, maintain, and scale from on-premises to multicloud environments.

2. What is FlashStack?

FlashStack® is a software-defined hybrid-cloud infrastructure solution and holistic alternative to status quo converged and hybrid-converged infrastructure offerings. 

Developed jointly by Pure Storage and Cisco, FlashStack provides best-of-breed components that have been pre-tested and validated for the most popular and demanding workloads.

FlashStack is AI-managed, discreetly provisioned, and can be consumed as a service with no up-front costs. It scales without disruption as your business grows and provides a powerful, reliable platform for your cloud, business-critical applications, DevOps, and modern analytics—right out of the box.

3. How does FlashStack bring software-defined storage to the stack?

Pure’s software-designed storage (SDS) architecture decouples storage software from its hardware, giving you greater scalability, flexibility, and control over your data storage infrastructure. FlashStack delivers a software-defined solution featuring these benefits:

  • A single interface that manages your storage, compute, and network layers
  • Consumption monitored and managed in real time
  • Industry-leading data reduction 
  • Tier 1 resiliency with zero performance loss 
  • Built-in disaster recovery and protection 
  • Global flash management

Don't Take Our Word for It

We work with the best across all industries.

“FlashStack has transformed the way we interact with our fans.”

Ray Chan
VP of IT, San Diego Padres

“For less than the cost of the hardware maintenance on our legacy system, I could buy a FlashStack implementation and three years of maintenance.”

Ray Smith
Assistant Executive Director for Technology, Mississippi Community College Board
Accelerate your AI data pipeline

Accelerate Your AI Data Pipeline

Reduce scale-out risk with full-stack compute and storage infrastructure for AI and ML from Cisco and Pure.

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