SAP Solutions for Every Stage

At every stage of your SAP journey, Pure's modern data experience delivers SAP solutions with unprecedented power, scale, and cost-efficiency – all while enabling your moves to SAP HANA®, multi-cloud, and beyond.

SAP Runs Better on Pure

Accelerate your business with SAP storage solutions that solve today’s enterprise challenges while providing a foundation for tomorrow’s analytics and cloud initiatives.

Get Simple, Reliable, Cost-Effective Storage

Pure Storage solutions accelerate and consolidate SAP applications with enterprise-grade performance and availability that’s simple and secure. Save up to 75% on SAP operations with built-in Dynamic Tiering for SAP HANA, and effortlessly backup SAP to flash to improve service levels and eliminate SLA penalties while reducing up to 50% of your backup infrastructure.

Empower Your SAP Operations

Today, every business is powered by software. Pure helps empower developers with agile, built-in automation that speeds development activity. Integrated SAP copy automation enables you to do more with SAP data by reducing time for copy, clone and refresh by up to 90% compared to manual methods. Avoid mundane and repetitive tasks and focus on innovation.

Drive Intelligence from your Data Pipeline

Pure delivers powerful, shared accelerated storage solutions for SAP big data tasks. Enable a modern data pipeline that can power your next-gen AI initiatives alongside your other workloads – and enjoy high availability, security, and complete disaster recovery. Easily collect TBs of data for real-time insights from a single copy from live data.

Modernise Your SAP Apps

Optimise SAP performance with data-centric solutions that are scalable, predictable, and cost-efficient – regardless of SAP application. Consolidate transactional and analytics systems — and say goodbye to expensive forklift upgrades and data migrations.

472% ROI by Switching to Pure.
(That’s Not a Typo.)

After transitioning SAP workloads to Pure Storage all-flash, seven enterprises polled by IDC reported an average annual net benefit of $4.06 million per organisation, which translates to a Pure-driven, three-year ROI of 472%.

Move to SAP HANA with lower costs

The journey to SAP HANA® can supply tangible benefits to your IT operations, even before full implementation, so it’s worth doing. With Data Tiering, Pure can help reduce the cost of deploying and migrating to SAP HANA by up to 75% – with minimal impact on performance.

Build a Data Pipeline for Big Data

Pure delivers cost-effective, all-flash data management solutions for SAP big data tasks – and that includes help building a data hub for the kind of modern data pipeline that drives next-gen AI initiatives.

Power Your SAP Cloud(s)

Own your data and rent the cloud. Get both performance and simplicity as you enable hybrid and multi-cloud for mission-critical SAP workloads – all while staying under budget.

Modern Converged Infrastructure for SAP

The Pure FlashStack™ solution is all-flash, pre-integrated converged infrastructure from Cisco and Pure Storage delivering faster deployment and better performance for SAP solutions. FlashStack reduces IT overhead and helps you drive massive consolidation of databases.

Business Continuity, Simplified

Maintaining the availability and uptime of business-critical SAP HANA databases is crucial to business operations. Pure removes the complexity and cost of traditional business continuity with simple, built-in solutions that fit your strategy – everything from essential backup and restore to site-wide synchronous replication via ActiveCluster.

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