Modern Storage for Open Source Databases

Get a Modern Data Experience™ for open-source databases. Convert data into powerful outcomes with the multicloud mobility, container orchestration, and as-a-service flexibility your teams need.

Data storage for open source databases

Move Faster, More Simply, with Open Source

Improve application performance and optimise open-source database operations for MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and others. Pure solutions help you easily store, safeguard, manage, access, and scale your data. And you can avoid disruptions and eliminate hidden costs with our Evergreen//Forever™ program.

Fast, Simple, and Reliable

Deliver superior performance for open-source applications with low latency, 99.9999% FlashArray uptime, and an all-flash NVMe architecture. Protect business continuity and mission-critical data while overcoming the limits of DAS to improve outcomes, speed decisions, and reduce complexity.

Reliable open source database availability and performance

Cloud Connected

Get enterprise-grade cloud storage for open source databases. Pure Cloud Block Store™ provides seamless data mobility with simple, efficient replication. Accelerate digital transformation with Portworx®, the most complete Kubernetes data-services platform.

Flexible data storage for Kubernetes open source databases

Flexible Consumption

Open-source databases provide flexibility and scalability for digital transformation. Match them with data storage that offers a flexible consumption model and total data mobility without big capital investments or risk of underprovisioning.

Scalable open source database consumption model

Optimal Outlook and Planning

Avoid common DAS overprovisioning issues for open-source projects. Right-size your storage capacity allocation with the Pure1 Meta® AI-driven workload planner. Improve planning and budgeting for growth by simulating changes to new and existing workloads.

Optimise open source database workloads with storage capacity planning

Pure Storage Is A Magic Quadrant™ Leader for the 9th Year in a Row.*

Pure Storage is positioned as A Leader once again in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Primary Storage.

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Test Drive Modern Data Storage

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What is an open source database?

An open source database is any database application with a codebase that is free to view, download, modify, distribute, and reuse. Open source licenses give developers the freedom to build new applications off of existing database technologies.

People also ask:

1. Relational vs. Non-relational (NoSQL) databases

Databases can be broadly categorized into two groups:

  • Relational databases: The traditional data storage architecture for storing structured data. Key value pairs are used to store information into tables consisting of columns and rows. Database queries are conducted using SQL.

  • Non-relational (NoSQL) databases: An alternative data storage architecture well suited to storing unstructured data. Document data stores, column-oriented databases, key-value stores and graph databases are all examples of NoSQL databases. While many of these NoSQL databases technically support SQL-compatible queries, the underlying query strategy is fundamentally different.

2. What are some examples of open-source relational databases?

Common examples of open-source relational databases include:

  • PostGreSQL

  • MySQL

  • MariaDB

  • SQLite

  • CockroachDB

3. What are some examples of open-source NoSQL databases?

Common examples of open-source NoSQL databases include:

  • MongoDB

  • CouchDB

  • Cassandra

  • Redis

  • Neo4j

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Tony Garza
Infrastructure Team Manager, Frost Bank
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