Experience Enterprise-grade Uptime

It pays to be prepared. Purity ActiveCluster™ delivers built-in disaster recovery and business continuity for every FlashArray™.

Ultra-simple Business Continuity

Purity ActiveCluster delivers worry-free business continuity—and zero RTO and RPO—across your data center, metro region, or globally with async across three data centers. Included with Purity//FA, ActiveCluster sets up in minutes.

Business Continuity

  • Across arrays, data centers, and metro areas
  • Built-in Pure1® Cloud Mediator
  • Included with Purity//FA and Purity//FB software

Disaster Recovery

  • Intelligent asynchronous replication provides robust out-of-region disaster-recovery protection
  • Maintain disaster recovery RPO through ActiveCluster array or replication link failure
  • Enable integrated business continuity and disaster recovery
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Setup was easy and fast, and the test scenarios proved how ActiveCluster delivers I/O without interruption during various failure scenarios.

ESG Technical Validation Report, 2019

ESG: ActiveCluster Is Transparent, Effortless

Market-intelligence firm ESG put ActiveCluster through a battery of business continuity tests. They found that “Purity ActiveCluster takes the cost and complexity barriers out of business continuity, making it simple, cost-effective, and provable for any organization—and relieving the minds of IT administrators.”

ActiveCluster removes the barriers to business continuity

Designed for Ease

Managing an ActiveCluster stretch cluster is as simple as managing a single array: Perform snapshot and clone operations from either array. Volumes and snapshots are synchronously maintained on both arrays. Failovers are transparent and the arrays automatically resynchronize.

Business continuity and disaster recovery management made easy

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