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Purity Protect

Run Your Business without Disruption

Experience Reliable Data Storage Security To Keep Your Business Running without Disruption

Secure your storage by default and keep your business running seamlessly. Rely on Purity's full range of always-on data protection, business continuity, and ransomware capabilities to safeguard your business data.

Always-on Protection and Recovery

Best-in-class protection has also evolved by ensuring data security is always-on. Pure Storage® continues to lead in immutable storage solutions by ensuring all data is protected from attack, on-creation and without the risk from  error-prone management cycles or vulnerabilities from stale software updates.

Secure by Default

With Purity, protection becomes an integral part of storing data, not a feature you enable. Auto-on SafeMode™ adds out-of-the-box protection that is always on, without the need to change your setup, environment, or process. SafeMode snapshots lock down critical data you need to recover from a cyberattack by creating an immutable copy that cannot be corrupted or encrypted by any attack. 

Object-level protection policies

Auto-on SafeMode protection policies also include object protection granularity, enabling customers to choose which data is protected upon creation. This fine tunes secondary storage based on the importance of the applications or data needing protection. For example, when creating testing environments, you can simply apply a policy to exclude it from protection due to the low business value of the data. Moving staging into production to be under your default protection policy is a simple configuration change.

Effortless Business Continuity

Achieve new levels of data availability across racks, data centers, and metro regions without additional hardware or software. With synchronous, active-active replication from ActiveCluster™, any configuration changes—adding new volumes, increasing volume size, creating snapshots, applying volume QoS limits, and more—occur simultaneously on both arrays. ActiveCluster delivers zero RPO and RTO by automatically failing over without user intervention.

Geo-distance Resiliency

Purity simplifies protection even further by integrating continuous replication across both file and block. Purity ActiveDR™ uses continuous replication to seamlessly protect data across almost any distance with near-zero RPO and minimal recovery time. With single-command failover, intelligent failback, and non-disruptive disaster recovery testing, ActiveDR accelerates your responsiveness to outages.

Simplified Backup and Restore

With Purity, the backup process is as easy as creating a snapshot schedule from the FlashArray™ GUI and choosing FlashArray//C. FlashBlade®, another NFS device, or Amazon S3 or Azure target. Select any snapshot to restore.

Backup Operations to the Cloud

Protect your backup data and snapshots in the cloud with low RTO and RPO restores using Pure Cloud Block Store™. Purity CloudSnap™ provides cloud-based data mobility that simplifies moving data off-premises for test/dev, longer-term retention, multiple recovery scenarios, and to lower costs.

Disaster Recovery for VMware

Purity integration with VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) lets your automation software orchestrate application recovery and mobility across sites. With VMware SRM, admins can centralize recovery plans for thousands of VMs to streamline disaster recovery and perform non-disruptive recovery testing.

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