FlashStack™ is a Converged Infrastructure solution that enables you to grow and protect digital revenues. With industry-leading technology in a Cisco Validated Design, FlashStack™ dramatically reduces datacenter costs and accelerates your business transformation.

Agile IT with FlashStack

A company like Valley Proteins, with one of the largest private trucking fleets in North America, depends on fast and reliable data for complex planning and demanding logistics. During their last data center refresh, they turned to FlashStack for all-flash speed and simplicity – and the move has transformed their IT.

Keep Vital Workloads Humming

Get always-on infrastructure for your critical applications and private cloud. FlashStack is built for non-disruptive operations, and it’s pre-tested and validated by Cisco and Pure Storage – reducing time-to-deployment and risk.

Start small and grow with your business

FlashStack scales, without disruption or data migration, from the tiny “FlashStack mini” to over 160 hosts and more than a petabyte of storage. Expand incrementally, one component at a time, as business requires and budget allows. From small to large, FlashStack management remains consistent, efficient, and simple enough to be managed by IT generalists.

Get to know FlashStack

Check out FlashStack in 3D – every angle, full detail.

Build Your
Private Cloud

FlashStack is your platform for on-demand IT and private cloud. Leverage FlashStack’s extensive pre-integration with popular private cloud platforms such as Cisco UCS Director, VMware vRealize, and OpenStack to build an impactful cloud, quickly. FlashStack is hybrid-cloud ready, with support for tools like Cisco’s CloudCenter and use cases such as backup-to-the-cloud and engineering/dev/test.

A Tailored, Turnkey Solution

No matter the deployment size, your FlashStack solution will be tailored to your business and ready to go from day one. Fully tested, fully customisable, and fully supported. Delivered by our FlashStack Partner ecosystem.

Single Contact Call Support

Get all the support you need, faster, from our FlashStack Authorized Support Partners. With a knowledgeable multi-vendor staff, support can be customised to your business needs.

Accelerate Your Business with FlashStack Converged Infrastructure

We’ve validated the following architectures for FlashStack. Your speed is ready.

Deploy 1000s of servers in minutes. FlashStack is designed and sized for real-world workloads, not vanity benchmarks. Get simple deployment and non-disruptive operations for your business-critical applications.


Deliver simple, quick deployment of fast, reliable, easy-to-manage VDI based on validated designs for all-flash Pure Storage, Cisco UCS and Nexus that address challenging workloads. Start small and scale non-disruptively to support thousands of workers.

Deploy persistent and non-persistent desktops, together, with the same efficiencies and consistent <1ms response throughout – even with 1000s of desktops. Virtualise mobile workspaces and applications on a single infrastructure.

Simple, rapid deployments that are easy to scale and manage. Achieve consistent <1ms latency and >99.999% uptime with highly available architecture.

A fully tested and validated reference architecture for SAP on FlashStack CI ensures rapid deployment, no storage tier planning or tuning required. Lower TCO with dramatic savings in power, cooling, management and space with an all-flash modular solution and industry leading data reduction at 4:1 for SAP environments. Simplify full system copies of SAP environments through FlashRecover snapshots and deliver greater agility for development teams.

Designed from the ground up with the capability to scale capacity and performance for mission critical Oracle workloads. Consolidate OLTP and data warehouse workloads onto a single platform and reduce database sprawl. Efficiently service multiple IT needs from copy-data such as testing, development, analytics and business continuity. FlashStack CI provides enterprise grade reliability and performance coupled with consumer level simplicity and efficiency for Oracle environments.

FlashStack enables Exchange availability, performance and scale beyond what database availability groups (DAGs) are capable of. FlashStack enables you to provide 1 IOPS per mailbox for 40,000 users in just 3U of FlashArray//m. Get an ultra responsive messaging and collaboration system to help employees leapfrog their productivity.

FlashStack with Commvault provides exceptional, cloud-integrated data protection. Designed for virtual server, cloud, hybrid, and physical environments, Commvault provides data protection for vital workloads on FlashStack at the service levels needed to support your organisation.

When paired with Cisco UCS Director, FlashStack provides simplified, automated operations for the provisioning of private cloud services, allowing IT departments to focus more on consistent, high-speed service delivery and less on repetitive, manual tasks. UCS Director and FlashStack together provide the automation, full-stack orchestration, and service catalog necessary to deliver a robust private cloud quickly and efficiently.

“It helped us solve the problem of scale.”
Neil Pinto, Senior Director
“We can now focus on more value- adding technology, platform programs and other components that will make a real difference.”
Brett Johnstone, CIO
Maurice Blackburn
“The three words I’d use to describe Pure Storage arrays are; simple, reliable and fast.”
Steve Young, CTO
Judson ISD

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