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Financial Services

Accelerate Financial Services with Data

Your customers’ trust is the only thing more valuable than your data. Drive revenue and enhance customer experience by getting the most from your data with an architecture that’s built for innovation.

Financial Data Management to drive revenue and enhance customer experience.

Fast-track Your Digital Transformation

From artificial intelligence to real-time analytics, fraud prevention to faster credit decisions, digital transformation for financial firms and fintechs demands faster, more reliable access to critical data. Depend on a Modern Data Experience™ that consolidates, connects, and accelerates data.

Choose a Trusted Partner

Banking, payments, financial markets, insurance. No matter your segment, Pure’s industry-leading solutions and services meet the data-intensive demands facing today’s financial enterprises while powering innovation with robust all-flash storage solutions.

Pure Storage trusted financial service/fintech partner

Banking and Credit Unions: Accelerate and Protect

Today’s financial institutions face new challenges and new digital-native competitors. Your success depends on generating revenues, reducing costs, and delivering a more personalized customer experience while ensuring data protection and compliance.

Retail banking and credit union data protection and data compliance

Investments and Trading: Amplify Every Advantage

Leading in a world of fast-changing investor preferences, regulation, and cyber threats requires fast access to data. Leverage modern data analytics and AI to transform your data into actionable insights that drive performance and attract new capital.

Financial data analytics for investment and trading advantage

Insurance: Optimise Automatically to Cut Costs

Fierce competition makes every dollar that you can save matter. And greater investment and margin pressures make new product offerings critical. From claims processing to predictive modeling, fraud detection to underwriting, faster means lower costs.

Fintech and banking payment data agility and reduced risk

Fintech and Payments: Create New Opportunities

Business agility requires data agility. Modern payments and Fintech firms improve performance, reduce risk, simplify compliance and drive revenues by harnessing massive quantities of data and powerful compute.

Deliver high-performance financial services AI solutions
Innovate with Smarter AI

Innovate with Smarter AI

From market insights to customer experience, fraud detection to algo trading, AI is driving innovation in financial services. Accelerate AI and analytics with enterprise-scale ultra-fast performance and optimised infrastructure.

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“Moving to an OPEX model with Pure as-a-Service™ has been game-changing. We are now providing our clients with our most performant and competitive storage solution to date.”

Mike Russo
VP Product Management, Options

“With Pure, there were measurable improvements in our ability to keep up with ever-increasing transaction volume and to provide real-time reporting and analytics.”

Mani Venkateswaran
Global Head of Product Support, Liquidnet

What is financial data management?

Financial data management is the practice of deploying processes, policies, and technologies to store, organize, consolidate, and derive intelligence from financial data. From financial reporting to maintaining compliance with accounting laws, to forecasting future earnings, data plays a vital role in the world of finance.

People also ask:

1. How can I maximise the benefits of AI and data analytics?

Financial data analytics refers to the process of extracting actionable insights from raw financial data, while AI enables powerful predictive analytics, natural language processing (NLP) and image recognition. Financial firms must leverage AI and data analytics for:

  • Predictive analytics
  • Fraud prevention
  • Customer insights
  • Market analysis and trade decision-making
  • Compliance and regulatory reporting
  • Credit and lending decisions
  • Cash flow and liquidity analytics

By applying advanced analytical techniques to your data, you can identify hidden patterns and trends that you can leverage to improve business outcomes.

2. How can I protect my financial firm’s critical data?

It’s no secret that financial information is a prime target for cyber criminals. And siloed legacy systems add to your risk. Modern financial data protection techniques include:

  • Ransomware protection that protects your backups and enables rapid restore of your data
  • End-to-end protection to improve security and resilience for all of your environments
  • The latest data storage technologies to enable high-throughput, low-latency data transfer
  • Predictive analytics for catching data storage issues before they occur
  • Up-to-date cybersecurity training and access control to secure data
  • Granular control of user permissions, authentication protocols, and passwords.

3. How can Pure as-a-Service add financial flexibility to my data storage?

Too little storage capacity leads to unforeseen costs and preventable risk to your business. Too much means unnecessary investment. Pure as-a-Service allows you to:

  • Pay only for what you use on prem or in the cloud

  • Effortlessly scale up or down as needed and reduce TCO

  • Reduce capital expenditure with flexible OPEX and CAPEX models

An Evergreen™ storage subscription that delivers seamless, rapid upgrades and expansion, without disruption.

4. Why choose Pure to power your financial services firm?

Consolidate, connect and accelerate your data with storage solutions that eliminate silos, enable collaboration and enhance customer insights and time to market. Financial institutions rely on Pure’s Modern Data Experience™ for:

  • Solutions that enable you to connect and analyse multiple, diverse data sources at scale to turn your data into intelligence
  • Scalable processing power and capacity that enables advanced analytics, machine learning and AI and real-time insights
  • Simplified data protection through data-at-rest encryption, key management, and built-in defense against ransomware. 
  • Flexible CAPEX and OPEX models that reduce TCO and provide financial flexibility

When you partner with Pure you partner with a recognized leader in data storage innovation and execution that can help you stay ahead of the competition.

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