Financial Services, Accelerated

Data is your most valuable resource. Getting maximum value from data to better serve customers demands an architecture that makes innovation possible.

Start Your Digital Transformation for Finance and Banking

AI. Real-time analytics. Chatbots and faster credit decisions. All these innovations and many more need fast access to all available finance and retail banking data. Financial services firms who are going through a digital transformation need a data-driven strategy that consolidates, connects and accelerates their data - and drives innovation.

Smaller data storage footprint

Consolidate Your Data

A smaller storage footprint. Lower TCO. When your financial data isn’t siloed, you can put it to work like never before. Plus, your operational IT expenses are freed up for innovation.

Finance and banking data for AI

Connect Your Data

A coherent, connected view of finance and banking data drives collaboration, improves security, and optimises risk analytics across your portfolio. Better still, it opens the door for financial services AI and automation — now, you’re ahead of the curve.

Accelerating your ability to innovate

Accelerate Your Business

When your financial data is connected and consolidated, and you’re running on a data-driven architecture — everything is faster. DevOps. Analytics. Time-to-market. Insights. Backups and recovery. It all adds up, accelerating your ability to truly innovate.

Put Your Data to Work

Financial firms do not lack data; on the contrary, they may have a lot of old data that is trapped in hard to access silos. Today, traditional storage can't support data-hungry workloads across customer service, digital services, compliance, risk and everything else — driving profitability and innovation. What's needed is a modern data-centric architecture that accelerates innovation by making large financial and banking datasets available at the right time and place.

Your Trusted Partner

Retail banking. Investments. Insurance. Whatever space you’re in, our industry-leading digital transformation solutions support the data-intensive demands of today’s financial enterprises, including a robust set of all-flash storage solutions for your AI-powered innovation.


Maximise every advantage

Your success depends on fast access to rich data: market data, geo location, logistics, foot traffic - whatever that may be, to help you create new investment strategies. See why fast, shared data is essential to digital transformation for finance and institutional investors. See how Liquidnet is connecting institutional investors around the world with real-time analytics. Check out how Man AHL quants got a 10x-20x storage processing improvement.

Data-driven investment strategies

Retail Banking

Deliver more to customers, faster

Today’s consumer demands instant access to banking services, online or in the branch, faster credit decisions, and a more personalized experience. Discover how Wilson Bank slashed latencies by 90% and how Credit Acceptance can deliver a credit decision in 30 seconds.

Retail banking digital transformation


Optimise savings, automatically

Competition is fierce. So every dollar saved on insurance claims processing, fraud detection, and underwriting bolsters your position. See how BPL accelerated innovation with 20-25x increase in storage performance, 10x faster data recovery and 4:1 data reduction.

Optimise Insurance data dollar

Prepare Your Data for Real-world AI

Training AI algorithms require a lot of processing power and huge volumes of data. But accessing large datasets requires much more than your typical storage infrastructure. Build a data pipeline that’s right for the demands of today’s AI challenges with hyperscale AIRI.