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Experience the future of data storage and discover groundbreaking innovations from Pure Storage that deliver for your business. Check back here for monthly updates.

Data Storage That Evolves with You

The Pure Storage platform is always innovating to drive ongoing savings that fuel results—delivering simplified infrastructure, unparalleled reliability, and the agility you need to stay ahead.

April 2024

Pure//Launch Roundup

Explore revolutionary innovations from Pure Storage in the Pure//Launch Round-up video series.

April 2024

Pure//Launch Blog

Looking for more information on what Pure Storage launched in the past month? Check out the Pure//Launch blog.

March 2024

Simplify Your Storage Management, Anywhere

The Pure1® mobile app now includes multi-party approval for SafeMode™ configuration changes, fortified by TOTP authentication to simplify changing data protection policies. New intelligent recommendations tell you when it’s time to scale up your storage. And it’s all secured with biometric authentication.

March 2024

Upgrade Your Way

Say goodbye to scheduling headaches and complexity. Effortlessly update your standalone FlashArray™ systems—or other arrays enabled with ActiveCluster™ and ActiveDR™—with Pure1 self-service upgrades. Our interactive guide simplifies the process, helping you choose the right version, ensuring a seamless experience.

March 2024

Better Scale for Disaster Recovery to AWS

Pure Protect™ //DRaaS 1.1 protects virtual machines with disks up to 10TB to ensure comprehensive coverage for even your biggest VMs. Pure Storage optimises the protection process to cut the risk of data gaps, while vSphere tagging automatically protects and reduces overhead for both automated and manually deployed VMs.

Additional New Features and More

What's New in Purity?

March 2024

Streamlined Access Management

Simplify management by flexibly granting access to more Purity users, eliminating the need to create new accounts in a specific domain. Purity//FA 6.6.3 lets admins managing complex organizational structures now add support for more than one AD or LDAP group, improving user access and enhancing operational efficiency.

March 2024

Boost File Environment Performance

Improve file transfer performance and network resilience with a new feature available for NFS 4.1 exclusively for Purity//FA 6.6.3. Support for Linux nConnect capability opens multiple TCP connections to up to 16 different file virtual interfaces.

March 2024

More NVIDIA Configurations

Get more connectivity options with higher port density and fewer dual port cards in your FlashArray//XR and //CR4 systems with a new four-port connectivity option. The NVIDIA ConnectX technology increases configuration flexibility, giving you options that weren't possible before.

Featured Use Case

FlashStack for Epic

FlashStack®, the software-defined, hybrid cloud infrastructure stack from Pure Storage and Cisco, improves your Epic healthcare operations. Gain the speed, reliability, and performance necessary to deliver the highest levels of patient care without the risk of disruption.

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