Build A Better World With Data

Pure empowers innovators to drive better customer experiences, new business models, faster innovation and time-to-market, and higher productivity-driven results.

We Help You Build Your Data-Centric Strategy

We’re in a new world: data is now a strategic asset even as its sources and uses multiply, and organisations will need data-centric strategies to succeed and thrive. So it’s time to re-think IT infrastructure to create value from the new world of data.

Turn Data Into Intelligence and Advantage

The new world of data presents opportunity - and challenge. Data shared when and where needed is the engine of value. Convert data to value with a data-centric-architecture across people, places and clouds.

Optimise Everything Production

Accelerate your mission-critical apps, eliminate data silos, and shed all the complexity of legacy infrastructures. Build a data-centric architecture that delivers enterprise reliability and automation without compromising on innovation. Optimise your cloud environments with industry-leading automation, efficiency, and Evergreen® savings.

Empower DevOps Engineers

Speed time to market and drive developer productivity. Enable self-service and instantly accessible developer environments, turbo-charge concurrent builds, and ensure developers use the latest production data. Run modern DevOps, and the entire CI/CD pipeline, powered by VMs or containers – on an effortless, all-flash foundation.

Drive Tomorrow's Analytics, Today

Unlock hidden insights in your data, in real time, with massively parallel performance, rich data sets, and real-time data pipelines. Instead of 10s of disparate data silos, enable elastic scale and broad data sharing for everything: AI, machine learning, and other modern analytics approaches.

Fast, Shared Data

Velocity and shareability are fundamental to extracting maximum value from data. As new innovations become cost-of-entry - like ML and AI built into key enterprise applications - successful organisations will need fast, shared data wherever it's needed.

On-Demand & Automated

In an always-on world, people and machines expect constant connectivity and immediate results. Wait time is wasted time. Empowering your organisation with a data-centric architecture featuring on-demand services and policy-based automation accelerates DevOps roadmaps and simplifies data consumption.

Globally Reliable and Secure

Holding data isn’t enough - making it accessible is the key first step to generating real value. Smart enterprises employ a data-centric architecture to keep data available for the business and for customers. And when there is an incident, your data is protected during remediation.

Hybrid Cloud By Design

It’s not about where the data is stored, it’s about how well workloads flow between cloud and on-prem. A winning data-centric architecture gives your organisation the full range of mix and mobility across resources - because it’s designed for a hybrid world.

Constantly On And Improving

Downtime? It’s not an option. Orgs looking to compete leverage a data-centric architecture that drives continuous performance at today’s high expectations and continuous improvements via non-disruptive upgrades (NDU). What if planned downtime was a memory at your org?

Your Success is Our Mission

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You'll Self-Fund Your Innovation

For every 1/2 petabyte that you replace with Pure Storage, you’ll save $1 million every year – and free up a full-time employee to work on the strategic projects that matter. It’s all part of our Evergreen™ Storage ownership model – delivering value for your all-flash storage investment for a decade or more.

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