AIRI: Scale-Out AI-ready Infrastructure Architected by Pure Storage and Nvidia

with Cisco Nexus 9300 Switch


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Engineers at NVIDIA and Pure Storage have worked to deliver a fully integrated platform that offers scale-out deep learning out of the box, with time-to-insight in hours rather than days or weeks.


Many enterprises want to jumpstart their AI initiatives, but challenges in building an AI-optimized infrastructure hold them back.

AIRI provides enterprises a simple solution to hit the ground running.

Learn how to:

  • Deploy a fully integrated stack from NVIDIA® and Pure Storage® to improve time-to-insight
  • Employ a building block approach capable of scaling to multiple racks, supporting large enterprise teams
  • Achieve high throughput during deep learning training jobs with datasets saved on FlashBlade
  • Scale system performance linearly to keep up with demand as teams and volume of AI project grow

3 einfache erste Schritte

1. Ihre Anforderungen überprüfen

Starten Sie gleich, indem Sie Ihre Storage-Anforderungen von unseren Experten einschätzen lassen.

2. Proof of Concept durchführen

Erstellen Sie mit unserem Team einen Proof of Concept, um zu sehen, wie gut wir zu Ihnen passen.

3. Migration zu Pure

Wählen Sie das richtige Team als Partner, um gleich damit zu beginnen, Ihre Gesamtbetriebskosten (TCO) zu senken.