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Transform Faster with Professional Services

Speed up the transformation to your Modern Data Experience™ with help from Pure experts. Our Professional Services help you evaluate, activate and innovate on your journey. Ask us to help with data migration, automation, simplification and acceleration.

Free Your IT Team to Innovate

Get up and keep running  faster, easier and with lower risk with Pure solutions. Let Pure Professional Services help you maintain uptime and reduce risks when migrating your data. Our team provides support, expertise, and insights that free you to transform your future more quickly.

Evaluate with Data Experts

Whether it is the latest technology, data applications, or innovative ideas, Pure Professional Services offers workshops and consulting. Work with us to assess and optimize your data plans and develop strategies to achieve your business outcomes.

Activate IT Systems Faster

Pure Professional Services has installed, maintained, and migrated thousands of systems around the globe and across industries. You can have confidence that working with us can reduce your risk and lower your costs.

Have Freedom to Innovate

Pure Professional Services teams work with your IT teams to fill gaps, assess technology, build skills, and take on routine tasks. We support, maintain, and upgrade your data environment so that you have more resources for innovation.

What IT professional services does Pure provide?

Pure Storage offers a variety of IT professional services tailored to help you evaluate, activate, and innovate as you transform your data systems. From non-disruptive upgrades and on-site installations to remote technical support, Pure is here to help.

Otras preguntas de los usuarios:

1. What is data migration?

Data migration is the process of moving or copying data from one location to another, usually after the acquisition of new storage hardware or cloud infrastructure. It includes planning, mapping, extraction, and any transformation steps required to move data to a new environment. 

The challenge of migrating data from obsolete data systems to new data systems, while maintaining data integrity and business continuity, is a common problem faced by businesses. Pure’s Evergreen™ architecture and data-in-place upgrades eliminate the need for data migrations during routine storage upgrades.

2. How does Pure Professional Services minimize system downtime?

Downtime can be costly to data systems—and your business. Proactive and preventive support can minimize downtime and help you avoid unexpected costs and financial losses. With Pure Business Critical Services, a designated team monitors and supports your system using data and AI insights. Through a combination of AI, fingerprinting, and Pure1® management, our team can predict and proactively prevent issues before they become a problem for your business. When problems do occur, the team ensures rapid resolution, even when third parties are involved.

3. Where can I get help with data applications on storage systems?

Data applications give developers, engineers, and analysts an interactive visual interface to extract insights from their data. To help you get the most from your investment, Pure Professional Services offers consulting, integration, and workshops on data applications, including Amazon AWS,  AWS Outposts, Microsoft Azure, Oracle, Splunk, and VMware.

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