Smart Government 2019

Data-driven Transformation in Europe

Rapport d'analyste

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Europe’s progressive governments all share one thing in common: the need to harness advanced data technologies in order to push ahead with digital transformation strategies that will improve outcomes for millions of citizens.

In a new study of hundreds of government ICT leaders across Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands and the UK, we can see common challenges and opportunities, given that 56% all that digital transformation are improving the lives of citizens.

See what our analysis of interviews with IT leaders across European central governments reveals.

Data is as important as our energy and transport networks and should be treated as such.


Download the Smart Government 2019 Data-Driven Transformation in Europe to see why:

  • Few are able to “very” effectively measure the impact of technology investment on impacting citizen outcomes
  • So many leaders are planning to overhaul their IT infrastructure over the next two years
  • The transition to a connected government and "cloud first" improves citizen experiences
  • Want to rebalance the trade-off between data performance and security