Nous avons entièrement repensé le cycle d'actualisation du stockage. Avec l'abonnement Evergreen Storage, votre solution de stockage reste à jour en permanence et la rentabilité de votre investissement est garantie pour une décennie au moins.


We invented the concept of Evergreen storage. After hearing so many customer complaints about other vendors’ cycles of repurchasing and data migration, we thought it was about time. See what we had in mind.

Evergreen Storage in Action

Lamar Advertising Company is the nation’s leading out-of-home advertising company with more than 310,000 displays in North America. In this video, Peter Dunn, Director of Infrastructure for Lamar Advertising Company, discusses his experience as a long-term customer of Pure Storage.

Don’t Be Fooled by Evergreen Imitators

Evergreen™ Storage is much more than a one-time controller upgrade. It’s about getting value from your storage investment through multiple generations of performance and density improvements. Ask yourself, does your storage vendor require you to re-buy existing media at generational upgrades – like with NVMe? Will that upgrade affect performance or require downtime? And will that generational upgrade require migrating data from your current array to a new one? If your vendor’s answer to any of these questions is yes, they don’t have an Evergreen Storage model.


Et ne rachetez jamais un téraoctet que vous avez déjà.

Le modèle Evergreen offre un stockage qui se bonifie avec le temps. Déployez-le une seule fois et étendez ses capacités sur plus d'une dizaine d'années sans avoir à subir des temps d'arrêt, des pertes de performance ou des migrations de données.


Like SaaS, Evergreen Storage enables you to harness rapid software, hardware, and flash innovation – with no need to wait for a 4-5 year refresh. Your Evergreen Storage Subscription gets you all-inclusive access to our latest software and hardware, today and into the future, without having to pay extra for your existing storage footprint. It’s as simple as that. 

Une simple mise à niveau pour un stockage nouvelle génération

Grâce à la technologie DirectFlash, la baie FlashArray//X représente une véritable avancée en termes de performances et de densité des baies 100% flash. Cerise sur le gâteau, avec le modèle Evergreen Storage, tous les détenteurs d'une baie FlashArray//M bénéficient d'une mise à niveau sans interruption vers la technologie NVMe. Aucune migration des données, aucune mise à niveau titanesque.


We’re so confident in the Evergreen Storage model of FlashArray, we guarantee it. Every new //M is guaranteed to be upgradable* to full NVMe through an Evergreen upgrade to FlashArray//X. If we can’t make the upgrade work, we'll replace your array with a full NVMe array – for free.

Capacity Consolidation + Credit

Pure Storage offers a capacity consolidation program to help you manage capacity growth. Consolidate the data on your older external shelves into new, denser capacity flash, and eventually move that capacity to high-performance DirectFlash modules. Return your old storage shelves and get a credit for the TBs you already own.**

Save 33%, Just for starters

With Pure, you’ll just pay one, simple flat maintenance renewal and get continuously modernized performance, scale, and features. But just the switch to Pure Storage all-flash will net a 33% CAPEX/OPEX savings over 6 years versus the competition. And the TCO only gets better from there.


Learn how Evergreen Storage can be tailor-made for your organization.

* See Evergreen Storage Program Terms for details.
** Subject to Program Terms. Pricing for upgrade bundles available upon request.

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