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New Comcast Infrastructure Saves Date Night

Media and entertainment giant Comcast and partner Pure Storage save the night with next generation infrastructure that delivers great video-on-demand service and cuts millions in operational costs.


When Comcast wanted to improve reliability of its video-on-demand service, it created a next-generation infrastructure platform using Kubernetes and Pure Storage Portworx®. Comcast can now quickly identify and address issues, reducing failure rate to less than 1%. After the early success, Comcast expanded the platform into other geographies and business areas including voice, networking, advertising, IoT, and online apps. 


  • Media and Entertainment


  • NOAM

Use Cases

  • Accelerate Core Applications
  • Enable Multi-cloud


Comcast’s Multi-year Journey with Kubernetes and Portworx
Paul Davis, Principle Engineer at Comcast, shares his insights on Comcast’s multi-year journey with Portworx.


With a customer base of 53 million subscribers, even a low failure rate could affect thousands of households. To address the problem, Comcast needed to modernize its video infrastructure, including persistent storage and monitoring, without adding management overhead.


Business Transformation

  • Improves customer experience for video-on-demand services by identifying and resolving issues before they result in failure
  • Expands the platform to all business areas, delivering early problem detection and resolution across the company
  • Saves millions in operating costs

IT Transformation

  • Reduced failure rate below 1%
  • Doubled utilization in 12 months 
  • Improved monitoring capabilities, ingesting 175TB/day, 2.5M events/sec, 4.3T documents total

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