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KGI Asia

KGI Asia Achieves Financial Data Analytics at Speed

Wealth and asset management leader KGI Asia adopts Pure Storage® to ensure high performance and reliability for data analysis driving its innovative financial products and services.


KGI Asia depends on data analysis to provide clients with the best-performing investment and wealth management products. Facing rapid technology change, KGI Asia upgraded to Pure Storage FlashBlade® and Dremio for a high performance, reliable data lake. Departments now collaborate using a single data platform for analysis and product innovation.


  • Financial Services


  • Asia-Pacific

Use Cases

  • Activate Real-time Analytics
  • Accelerate Core Applications



To maintain its position as a regional leader in wealth and asset management, KGI Asia relies on innovation driven by data analysis. With analysis increasingly hindered by siloed data and legacy storage that provided little oversight and control, KGI Asia needed to act to stay at the forefront.


Business Transformation

  • Enables faster analysis of customer database for a greater understanding of customers
  • Focuses resources on delivering timely and relevant financial products
  • Supports lower total cost of ownership via non-disruptive upgrades

IT Transformation

  • Consolidated data silos in just three months, 3x faster than average
  • Analyzes critical data in hours, leading to faster time-to-market
  • Gains a single view of storage infrastructure with Pure1®

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