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Pure and St Joseph's Health

St. Joseph’s Health Improves Speed and Reliability

St. Joseph’s Health set the stage for a more data-driven healthcare organization with Pure Storage with fast performance, high reliability, and better business continuity.


St. Joseph’s Health understands that technology can have a big impact on health outcomes, whether it means helping patients get checked in smoothly or helping doctors get hands-on lab results. With Pure Storage® FlashArray//X™, St. Joseph’s is laying the groundwork for a more data-driven healthcare organization. The use of FlashArray//C with Veeam® and SafeMode™ snapshots adds robust data protection capabilities to protect sensitive healthcare information.


  • Healthcare


  • North America

Use Cases

  • Accelerate Core Applications
  • Activate Real-time Analytics
  • Enable Multicloud
  • Modernize Data Protection
  • Power Artificial Intelligence



Issues with system performance slowed down clinicians, making it impossible for the hospital to make the most out of real-time data for patient care. With increasing threat of cyberattacks, the hospital needed ways to get systems back online faster, as fully recovering from a ransomware attack would take months.


Business Transformation

  • Minimizes interruptions to hospital operations and patient care
  • Fosters ongoing healthcare innovations with AI, analytics, and the cloud
  • Allows clinicians to access medical data in seconds, reducing wait times

IT Transformation

  • Restores operations immediately with immutable SafeMode snapshots
  • Cuts email backup time by 98%, lowers IT maintenance time to 1 hour/month
  • Harnesses AI to drive efficiencies, speeding diagnosis and treatment

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