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Telecom Transforms the Subscriber Experience

A leading telecom embraces the cloud and Portworx® to deliver features that wow subscribers and keep it ahead of the competition.


For one leading telecom, digital transformation is the backbone of the subscriber experience. Using Portworx Enterprise on Pure FlashArray™, the company transformed its environment with Kubernetes-managed containerized platforms to get apps in front of subscribers faster and scale to meet the highest web demands. 


  • Telecommunications


  • NOAM

Use Cases

  • Enable Multi-cloud


In a competitive telecommunications market, companies need to consistently deliver new services that wow subscribers and keep them loyal. Developers at this telecom spent a lot of time waiting for the infrastructure team to set up new development or production environments, which slowed time to market.


Business Transformation

  • Transformed the subscriber experience with new subscriber services delivered faster than the competition
  • Improved website experience by reducing the effects of web traffic surges during peak shopping periods
  • Maintained subscriber loyalty in a highly competitive telecom environment

IT Transformation

  • Used automation to build new development or production environments in less than a day
  • Accelerated time to market for new apps or updates from months to hours
  • Reduced restore times and eliminated downtimes with snapshots

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