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Federal Government

Optimize Data Storage for Federal Agencies

Government Data Storage Infrastructure

The federal government is one of the biggest producers of data. Agencies are quickly outgrowing legacy data storage and architecture. Data is at the heart of government decision-making. 

A sound data strategy is essential for agencies to better leverage data assets and strategically execute data management improvements. Accomplishing this requires the right infrastructure. Legacy data-service platforms were not built for today's goals. They’ve evolved over time, resulting in fragmented systems with limited agility.

With the ability to leverage their vast troves of data, governments can provide better insight, make more timely and relevant decisions, craft better policies, and offer better constituent services. 

Pure Storage® helps governments put data to use while reducing the complexity and expense of managing the infrastructure behind it, providing a springboard for modern, intelligence-driven operations.

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Support Government IT Transformation and Modernization

Pure delivers a Modern Data Experience that empowers agencies to operate seamlessly with an automated, storage-as-a-service model across multiple clouds. Having the right data strategy helps to overcome many of the challenges agencies face, such as:

  • Delivering citizen services with tight budgets
  • Providing on-demand access to data
  • Shifting to cloud-like operations and consumption
  • Ensuring data privacy, protection, and security
  • Maintaining business continuity
  • Addressing gaps in skills and staffing for strategic initiatives

As Federal agencies move toward operating more like businesses, IT modernization is at the center of the effort. Agencies are looking to fully leverage data assets, optimize workloads across cloud and on-premises deployments, leverage technologies such as AI at scale, and protect and secure their data.

Use Government Data as a Strategic Asset

To achieve mission goals, agencies need a scalable, secure, and future-proof IT foundation to leverage data as a strategic asset. Pure’s end-to-end product suite enables storage teams to deliver elastic block, file, and object data services to power multicloud environments. It’s a consolidated, shared platform for data—purpose-built to drive both traditional and new-stack IT modes with the speed and agility to simplify everything, empower developers, and deliver next-gen artificial intelligence and analytics.

Pure’s cloud data services, infrastructure, and management extend the Modern Data Experience across all your data, both on-premises and in the public cloud, making that data: 

  • Fast, shared, and on-demand
  • Globally reliable and secure
  • Hybrid by design

Enabling true hybrid operations lets you build your cloud, run applications anywhere, and protect data everywhere.

Enable Flexible Data Storage Consumption

Agencies are experiencing more strain on IT systems than ever before. Unexpected events can lead to urgent and sometimes unplanned new storage requirements. These requirements are often necessary to perform mission-critical functions and operations while ensuring that vital government services are available to constituents. Pure as-a-Service is the simple and fast solution to get new on-premises and hybrid cloud all-flash storage up and running in your agency, without committing to a multi-year CAPEX purchase.

Protect Your Federal Data

Ransomware attacks continue to be top of mind for federal IT leaders. And for good reason. They compromise access to an agency’s lifeblood, it’s data. Consequences can be dire: Pay perpetrators to (maybe) unencrypt your data, stumble with decryption tools, or gamble on recovering from backups. With millions of dollars spent annually to guard entry points to data, many still underestimate the strategic value of augmenting data protection. Agencies face risks to national security, public safety, ability to provide critical services, exposure and loss of sensitive data, inability to access information, financial and productivity loss, and damage to trust and reputation.

An agency’s existing data protection may not be enough. Backups safeguard critical data against common scenarios such as recovering from natural or man-made disasters, data corruption, or accidental deletions. However, ransomware attacks can stress existing data-protection infrastructure that may be built on legacy architectures, such as disk and tape, more than expected.

Combat Ransomware against Government Agencies

Pure SafeMode snapshots provide an approach to mitigating against ransomware attacks when using Pure FlashBlade® systems. A built-in FlashBlade feature, SafeMode enables you to create read-only snapshots of backup data and associated metadata catalogs after you’ve performed a full backup. You can recover data directly from these snapshots, helping guard against attacks by ransomware and even rogue admins. 

FlashBlade provides the following benefits:

  • Enhanced protection: Ransomware can’t eradicate (delete), modify, or encrypt SafeMode snapshots.
  • Backup integration: Use the same snapshot process regardless of backup product or native utility used to manage data protection processes.
  • Flexibility: Snapshot cadence and eradication scheduling are customizable.
  • Rapid restore: Leverage a massively parallel architecture and elastic performance that scales with data to speed backup and moreover recovery.
  • Investment protection: FlashBlade includes SafeMode snapshots at no extra charge. Your Pure subscription or maintenance support contract cover enhancements.

Eliminate Expensive Data Storage Refreshes

Pure’s Evergreen Storage™ subscription model offers seamless, rapid upgrades and expansion, without disruption. You can buy your storage once, then upgrade and modernize it as needed. And you can do it all without disruption or rebuying any TBs you already own.

Evergreen Storage offers data storage that rethinks everything. Eliminate expensive refreshes and gain the agility you need to meet the demands of modern government. Get IDC’s report on the value of Evergreen.

Modernize Your Agency Faster with Professional Services

Agencies are modernizing their IT operations, which includes evaluating IT solutions, activating new storage systems, and innovating everywhere. Pure Professional Services helps deliver the simplicity of Pure solutions faster, easier, and with more impact. 

Pure Professional Services dedicates a team of Pure experts to maintain six-nines of uptime. This reduces risk when migrating technologies. And when we work together, the engagement provides insights that make it possible to lower costs, add new services, and transform rapidly.

Rely on Performance and Customer Support

For the seventh year in a row, Pure Storage is named a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, affirming the value of cloud-era flash technology to the public sector and solidifying Pure’s position as the leading independent all-flash data platform vendor.  

For years, the complexities and high costs of legacy data storage have been accepted as inevitable. With Pure, those days are over. Pure is more efficient, more cost-effective, more reliable, and radically easier to use. Disruptive downtime Is a thing of the past. Pure’s solutions are proven at more than 50 federal agencies. With a certified customer satisfaction score in the top 1%, Pure's customers are among the happiest in the world.


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