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Pure Storage Implementation Associate Certification


Pure Storage Implementation Associate

Exam ID: PCIA_001
Certification Offered: Pure Storage Certified Implementation Associate

The Pure Storage Implementation Associate Exam establishes the foundation for an Implementation Engineer to plan, configure, and install FlashArray™ utilizing best practices for Pure Storage products and services. This exam helps to validate the knowledge, skills, and abilities required of successful Pure Storage Implementation Engineers at the Associate level.

Successful candidates are Pure Storage employees or partners who have 1-3 years of storage industry experience and 3-6 months of Pure Storage experience. They have familiarity with basic installation CLI commands, Purity features, FlashArray architecture, and GUI.  Utilizing supporting documents, successful candidates should be involved in the hardware and software installation and capacity addition of a Pure Storage FlashArray.

Exam topics:

  • Pre-Installation
  • Installation
  • Post-Installation

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