Accelerate Your Virtual Desktops: How to Size Your Storage for Success

FlashCast Webinar

VDI is a toxic workload for traditional spindle disk based storage arrays, but now you've got better options. If you’re looking to solve the virtual desktop performance dilemma, then All-Flash arrays are a great way to solve the problem.

In this on-demand webinar we'll go beyond the usual benefits of All-Flash storage, and we’ll have an in-depth discussion on how to right size your environment for your company's unique needs. We’ll also cover several "need to know" storage considerations when you’re deploying desktops.

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  • The hidden costs of poor VDI performance
  • Why All-Flash arrays can save money in the long run
  • The secrets to getting the most out of All-Flash arrays

Plus you'll hear from Banit Agarwal from VMware on their scale testing of Horizon View using the Pure Storage FlashArray.