Bare Metal as-a-Service, Powered by Pure

Bare Metal as-a-Service (BMaaS), Powered by Pure, delivers simple, hosted, on-demand, full-stack (network, storage, compute) deployment and support from a single vendor, under one contract—all with Pure Storage embedded.

Infrastructure at the Speed of Software, Consumed as a Service

Don’t be forced to fit the cloud. Make the cloud fit your business. Support legacy applications, high-volume, data-driven environments, and hybrid/cloud-native/multi-cloud ecosystems with cloud-like ease and speed—via a single platform that’s simple to use, globally interconnected, highly secure, and fully hosted. And you only pay for what you use, when you use it.

A Single, Simple-to-Use Platform

This is a solution for customers who want to get out of their data center, repatriate from a public cloud provider, or establish a fully hybrid cloud environment. Pure is the only storage company with a solution where disaggregated, shared storage is embedded into a full stack bare metal offering.

A Flexible, Scalable as-a-Service Infrastructure

Get as-a-service IT infrastructure in a single-tenanted, highly secure, cost-effective, and fully interconnected bare metal infrastructure, all at the speed of software – with Pure Storage embedded.

Different From Public Cloud Providers

The promise of cloud but on bare metal; delivering improved performance and controllable costs. With full access and exclusive control of the hardware, you can use existing software licenses and allow for oversubscription of resources vs. VMs running on a shared, proprietary public cloud.


Fully Managed, as-a-Service Simplicity

Block, File, and Object storage in a hosted as-a-Service offering. Our solution provides  the data center and racks, power and cooling, network and switching, and physical staffing. Support workloads, such as logging and analytics; bare metal and virtual machines; and, cloud-native containers paired with full-stack, cost-optimized, bare metal server and network hardware.

Empowers You to Reimagine Your Cloud Journey

From past (legacy on-premises applications), to present (high volume data driven applications), and future (cloud native and next-gen applications) technology challenges.


Bare Metal as-a-Service, Powered by Pure

Extend your data center seamlessly and gain the advantage of a financial model that reduces operational and labor costs while enabling you to pay for exactly what you use.


Build cost-effective hybrid cloud solutions with a high-performance, bare-metal infrastructure platform.

What is Bare Metal as a Service (BMaaS)?

Bare Metal as-a-service or BMaaS is a service model in which a vendor deploys dedicated physical IT infrastructure or “bare metal” to the customer’s data center with the same on-demand scalability, convenience, and agility of a cloud service. 

Unlike an outsourced colocation data center, BMaaS provides a full stack, hosted, on-demand solution.

BMaaS provides a solution, in which the procurement of hardware, software, deployment, support, optimization, and lifecycle management services, are all handled by one vendor under one contract.

Mensen vragen ook:

1. What Is a Bare Metal Server?

A bare metal server is a computer server that hosts one tenant, used by a single customer and not shared between consumers—a single tenant server.

2. BMaaS vs. IaaS: What’s the difference?

IaaS is a cloud computing model in which storage, compute, and networking resources are available on demand over the internet through an IaaS provider.

BMaaS can be considered a subset of IaaS that refers specifically to the practice of providing access to dedicated servers free of any installed operating systems or virtualization ⁠infrastructure—bare-metal. The customer may be provided access to the physical server hardware either remotely or on-premises. 

Compared to the traditional cloud model, where multiple users (multi-tenancy) may reside on the same physical server within a cloud vendor’s data center, the bare metal server only has one customer on the server (a single tenant server).

Access is usually provisioned on-demand via a single contract or service level agreement (SLA).

3. What are the advantages of BMaaS?

The primary advantage of BMaaS is that you get direct access to system hardware. This means applications that require access to system performance counters to run in a cloud environment may do so. 

Additionally BMaaS gives you all the benefits of a traditional dedicated server:

  • Dedicated resources⁠—you don’t have to compete for resources with other tenants hosted on the same server
  • High performance and security⁠—eliminates the possibility you’ll be sharing a server with a malicious tenant.
  • Control over your server’s configuration and software installations.
  • On-demand provisioning of storage, compute, and networking resources

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