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Cogo Labs Drives New Company Launches with Pure Storage FlashBlade

Incubator deploys Pure Storage FlashBlade products as a data hub, accelerating the move to containers on Kubernetes to support new business opportunities.


Cogo Labs achieved ‘blindingly fast storage’ that improves productivity for data scientists and developers and reduces operating costs thanks to Pure Storage FlashBlade products, which act as a data hub and accelerate the move to Kubernetes, a containerization management platform that supports new business opportunities.


  • Business Services


  • North America

Use Cases

  • Pure Storage FlashBlade™
  • Pure Storage Orchestrator™ container storage
  • VMware® vSphere® virtual server infrastructure
  • Kubernetes  container management



Cogo draws on its massive proprietary data surrounding current internet trends to identify high-potential business ideas - making data one of its most valuable assets. With its mission-critical databases growing rapidly, storage management is a high priority for the IT staff. However, Cogo’s legacy storage had reached capacity and the vendor’s suggested replacement couldn’t match data-management requirements. Cogo Labs needed a new data center with a modern, infinitely scalable IT infrastructure.


Business Transformation

With Pure Storage, data scientists and software developers are substantially more productive, supporting the company’s core mission of launching successful new companies. Storage management costs are sharply reduced, accelerating the move from cloud to on-premise solutions.

IT Transformation

  • “Blindingly fast storage” enables data scientists and developers to be considerably more productive.
  • Tight integration between Kubernetes and FlashBlade accelerates the transition to a new containerization management platform.
  • Workloads and data can be pulled back from the cloud, lowering operating costs.



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