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Cloud 2.0: Data Strategies to Supercharge Your Cloud

The enterprise shift to hybrid cloud is real. But is your hybrid cloud environment drowned by silos and complexity? Learn how to streamline your hybrid cloud.
  • 多雲環境
  • 混和雲
  • 私有雲
  • Evergreen//One
  • 容器
  • Cloud Block Store
  • FlashArray//X

A modern cloud strategy needs a consistent experience across a hybrid or multi cloud deployment. In this Accelerate 2021 strategy session Shilpi Srivastava, Director, Product Marketing and Andrew Miller, Principal Technology Strategist at Pure Storage, will discuss strategies to deliver a seamless cloud experience in your data center.

Learn how to build application mobility into your cloud strategy from the start, and take the complexity out of managing heterogeneous cloud environments to future-proof your cloud journey.

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預約現場示範,親眼看看 Pure 如何幫助您將資料轉化為強大的成果。 




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