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Getting the Most From Pure: The Journey to Data Services

An exciting vision for how the portfolio enables a Modern Data Experience. Hear from the engineers who are creating the breakthroughs that make it happen.

A lot has been said about the journey to digital transformation over the years. But what does digital transformation within an organization actually look like from a technical perspective? In this Accelerate 2021 panel presentation, Ajay Singh, Chief Product Officer, at Pure Storage breaks up the digital transformation journey into three categories: modernizing infrastructure, modernizing processes, and modernizing applications.

Learn from a panel of rising engineers, including Zoltan Dewitt, FlashArray BU, Paula Zubribri, Platform BU, Aditya Dani, Portworx BU, Ajay D'Souza, DX BU, and Nikita Sirnhi, FlashBlade BU, on how Pure's product portfolio can help you modernize your infrastructure, processes, and applications for true digital transformation.

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預約現場示範,親眼看看 Pure 如何幫助您將資料轉化為強大的成果。 




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