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Innovating with AI in the Financial Industry

In this session, we'll look at the foundation needed for successful enterprise AI and six steps for turning AI into ROI.
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From market insights to customer experience, fraud detection to algo trading, AI is driving innovation and automation in financial services. But with challenges around compliance, legacy technology and siloed data, what is needed is a practical approach to implementing AI across the organization.

體驗試用分析法與 AI 技術的現代化儲存設備

體驗試用分析法與 AI 技術的現代化儲存設備

無需硬體、無需設定、零成本 — 保證沒問題。體驗 Pure1® 自助服務實例,了解從資料攝取到視覺化等工具功能如何進行簡易擴充。

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