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Flexible Disaster Recovery for Hybrid Cloud

Come learn the benefits and tradeoffs of cloud-based DR with Pure to complement your DR portfolio.
This webinar first aired on 2022年7月28日
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David Stamen

Field Solutions Architect, Pure Storage

When you need a disaster recovery (DR) you need it now.  It is not about performance, it is about uptime. For some applications you can worry about performance at a later date.  A hybrid architecture using both Pure hardware and Pure Cloud Block store on AWS or Azure is a cost effective and flexible solution. Come learn the benefits and tradeoffs of cloud-based DR with Pure to complement your DR portfolio.

During this webinar, David will discuss: 

  • Pure Cloud Block Store enables a variety of DR solutions to meet varying business objectives
  • Although manual steps are required, scripting and other methods can be used to simplify the recovery process  
  • The features that enable cloud based DR are included in the Purity operating environment that powers both FlashArray and Pure Cloud Block Store


Participants who attend and participate in the Event will be entered into a random drawing that will be conducted during or after the Event. The winner of the random drawing will receive one (1) HomeLabs Air Purifier (approx. value $120). The winning Participant will be identified during the Event or within a reasonable amount of time after the Event. See Terms & Conditions.

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