Ready for Your Unfair Advantage?

Every organization is striving for a unique competitive edge. Unlock the secrets of the team behind Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport’s unfair advantage. Their challenges are more like yours than you’d think. Choose a team member below to hear their story.

Meet the Team

Head of IT

Matt Harris

Senior Race Engineer

Riccardo Musconi

Head of Computational Fluid Dynamics

Henrik Diamant

Trackside Support Analyst

Gregory Bird

Matt Harris

Head of IT

(and Football Association qualified kids coach – he’s a very busy man!)

"Our business is like any other that's totally reliant on high performance data. It's just that our end product is a little more glamorous than many."

Mobile Working Demons
Pure Storage technology is designed to be simple so they can set up a fully functioning ‘branch office’ in 36 hours, and pack it up in six.

Innovations Patrons
Since Pure Storage, IT has never experienced a storage bottleneck, allowing the business to deliver more innovation thanks to more reliability, more performance, more flexibility.

'Always-On' Champions
With 24/7 support from his Pure Storage team, he has never known a moment of downtime.

Matt’s challenges are more like yours than you’d think
His team is small and multi-tasks. So storage needs to take care of itself, be available for everyone, everywhere and be ready for the future.

Riccardo Musconi

Senior Race Engineer

(Motor racing fanatic since his childhood, and now a keen snowboarder)

“My team feasts on data – it’s what allows us to create minute but critical advantages in our end product and during races.”

Big Data Virtuosos
Riccardo’s team is excited about our AI infrastructure, helping them spot patterns in data as its volume and velocity increases.

Deft Decision-Makers
Like every data driven business Riccardo’s team uses data to make instant decisions that consistently optimise performance. His team relies on underlying storage not to let race performance down.

Real-Time Collaborators
“Collaboration at speed” between trackside performance engineers and drivers makes the difference to race success. Just like it does to the success of any business operating in a highly competitive arena.

Riccardo’s challenges are more like yours than you’d think
He was suffering too many data silos, until Pure Storage came along to underpin a brand new database that helped accelerate the all-important data responsiveness.

Henrik Diamant

Head of Computational Fluid Dynamics

(Frequent traveller who always wanted to be an engineer)

“You might expect that motor racing would be about huge leaps forward, but the truth is, like most businesses, we’re about marginal gains.”

Agile Innovators
With a greater volume and a far wider range of structured and unstructured data available, Henrik’s team has more information to learn from, advancing the team’s aerodynamics understanding a great deal.

Go-Faster Visionaries
Henrik’s mission critical data is now 100% available, unlike before Pure Storage when storage delays of seconds had an impact on development gains and, subsequently, lap time.

Enthusiastic Futurists
Since speed-to-results is critical to competitive advantage, Henrik and his team have access to our AI-ready infrastructure and are gearing up to see what additional performance benefits it will bring.

Henrik’s challenges are more like yours than you’d think
Henrik’s team couldn’t function without data. In fact, it’s the lifeblood of his department which, like many organisations, uses data for essential business modeling.

Gregory Bird

Trackside Support Analyst

(Travel fanatic and dedicated triathlete - he's in the pool by 5am!)

“We take mobile working to the extreme, packing and repacking kit 30 weeks of the year. The simplicity, speed and reliability of our storage could make or break us.”

Precision Planners
Greg and the team plan races months in advance, supported by Pure Storage because we’re dialed into the trackside system proactively planning improvements.

Insight Aficianados
Each race generates around 1TB of data. Replication from factory to track and back again is lightning fast so engineers can help drivers gain split-second advantages.

Business Enablers
Greg can focus on improving other services for the engineering team because with Pure Storage he knows he has no worries about the foundation of his IT system.

Gregory’s challenges are more like yours than you’d think
He sets up the ‘branch office’ IT and race systems for every race and loves Pure Storage arrays because they “just work” without any stress, even in the harshest environments.

Under the Hood at Race Days

Racing updates, commentary, and predictions.

It Isn't Cheating

The use case behind Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport's success

Point of View Paper

Data, Pure Storage and a tale of 'Unfair Advantage'

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