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Pure and Zenuity

Davenport University Supports Campus Continuity

Davenport University supports student learning and keeps university services online with high-performance storage and non-disruptive upgrades with Pure Storage.


Davenport University aims to support students, faculty, and staff by providing reliable technologies and services. Using Pure Storage FlashArray™ with the Evergreen™ Storage subscription, Davenport University can keep up with demand with improved performance and easy upgrades.


  • Education


  • North America

Use Cases

  • Accelerate Core Applications



Davenport University migrated to Pure Storage to improve performance of critical campus systems and reduce space, power, cooling, and maintenance involved with the existing storage infrastructure. Taking advantage of the Evergreen Storage subscription, the university upgraded its storage in just two hours, without any disruption to services.

Business Transformation

  • Accelerates performance for critical systems and reports, improving user experience
  • Supports students as the university moves towards remote learning during a pandemic
  • Upgraded storage infrastructure in just two hours without disrupting operations

IT Transformation

  • Reduces data centre power and cooling by consolidating storage from 48 to 5 racks
  • Eliminates the need to worry about storage refresh due to the Evergreen model
  • Provides IT team more time to bolster security, add automation, and optimise applications

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