Pure Storage and Ingosstrakh

Navis Sets Sail for Greater Productivity With Pure Storage Solutions

Navis uses 100% NVMe all-flash arrays from Pure Storage® to accelerate its software development process, bring on new customers more quickly, and sharply lower the burden of storage administration.


Navis provides software to the world’s leading terminal operators and ocean carriers, including more than 60% of the world’s major ports. Navis’ flagship product — the N4 Terminal Operating System — is used to automate equipment operations at a port, track the movement of cargo, and manage multiple terminals through a single solution.


  • Transportation


  • NAM

Use Cases

  • Database – Oracle®, Microsoft SQL Server®
  • Virtual Server Infrastructure – VMware vSphere®



  • Legacy storage infrastructure was difficult to manage and required expensive rack space in order to expand capacity.
  • Lean data-center infrastructure team wanted to optimise its management resources.


Business Transformation

New features can be delivered to customers more quickly, software developers are more productive,  and data center costs have been sharply reduced.

IT Transformation

  • Software developers can run twice as many jobs in the same time.
  • High data-reduction rates result in smaller storage footprint and lower data-center costs.
  • Advanced, proactive Pure1® tools minimize the demands of storage management.

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