STFC Powers Key Environmental Research Reliably and Efficiently with FlashBlade 

Multi-disciplinary science organization uses Pure Storage to give researchers reliable access to environmental research, without downtime or disruption.


The Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) selected Pure Storage to provide one of its large-scale science facilities, JASMIN, with a separate, highly resilient solution for JASMIN home directories and to house compilation workloads. Researchers now have a reliable, high-performing, and energy-efficient solution that provides uninterrupted access to key environmental research.


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JASMIN needed highly resilient storage that would provide better metadata performance for small files and where users could compile their code. With the existing large file systems, every update required require taking the home file offline, causing disruption for each user. STFC needed a separate and highly resilient solution, both for JASMIN home directories and to house compilation workloads, to:

  • Govern complexities of managing a super data cluster.
  • Manage workloads for rapidly increasing user base.
  • Prevent updates from disrupting important environmental research.
  • Create a reliable and resilient solution to ensure continuity of workload.


Business Transformation

Pure Storage has ensured reliability, allowing access to STFC’s environmental research at all times without fear of downtime or disruption.

IT Transformation

  • Six-nines availability and reliable hosting of compilation workloads.
  • Pure remotely monitors and updates the system without causing disruption to users.
  • Pure FlashBlade provides the needed storage in a fraction of 70 racks previously required.

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