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Database-as-a-Service at the Click of a Button

Portworx Data Services provides a complete, automated solution for easily deploying and operating a managed, production-grade data service on Kubernetes.

The First Database-as-a-Service Platform for Kubernetes

Fully Automated Management

Gain comprehensive, fully automated, Day-2 operations, so your DevOps team can focus on using data services, not managing them.

Broad Catalogue of Data Services

Choose from a wide variety of data services, including Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Kafka, Postgres, Redis, Zookeeper, and Rabbitmq.

Single-click Deployment

With a single click, deploy an enterprise-grade, production data service that supports backup, restore, high availability, data recovery, data security, automated capacity management, and data migration.

Your Apps Don’t Sleep, But You Can

Your apps need to be fast, available, and secure 24/7/365. But managing each individual data service is complex and leaves little time for new features. Portworx Data Services automates management of your data services, leaving more time for innovation—and sleep.

Database-as-a-Service Without Lock-in

Developers need access to reliable data services for their apps and appreciate an as-a-service experience where they consume, but don’t manage, the database.  Portworx Data Services delivers an integrated platform that enables enterprises to run automatically managed data services, on any cloud, at a low cost. Get the benefits of database-as-a-service (DBaaS), without the lock-in.

Data Services Made Simple

Modern apps are composed of many microservices, often supported by multiple data services. Managing each of these data services in a dynamic, Kubernetes world is complex and time-consuming. With Portworx Data Services, running data services on Kubernetes is dramatically simpler than other solutions.

What Is Portworx and How Does It Work?

Portworx is a software-defined container storage platform that delivers persistent storage and data services for containers and microservices. It abstracts away the complexity of underlying storage infrastructure to provide a single unified storage layer for cloud-native applications.

People also ask:

1. What is a database-as-a-service (DBaaS)?

DBaaS is a special type of a SaaS platform that is designed for managing databases on-premises or in the cloud. It allows automating many routine database management and administration tasks. With an effective DbaaS platform, small teams can support many users, providing reliable operations and an easy, self-service user experience.

2. How does Kubernetes Backup work with Portworx?

Traditional tools for backup and recovery aren’t granular enough to deal with the complexity of backing up containers and distributed Kubernetes workloads. Built from the ground up for Kubernetes, PX-Backup delivers enterprise-grade application and data protection with fast recovery with the improved granularity needed to protect your data at the application level.

With PX-Backup, you get an app-defined control plane that:

  • Enables apps to run across multiple machines
  • Provides application consistency for distributed databases
  • Tightly integrates with Kubernetes (app config, objects, and data)
  • Provides Namespace awareness

3. Can Portworx work in a multicloud environment?

Yes! Portworx was built from the ground up to solve the key business requirements necessary to run Kubernetes in production, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or across hybrid or multi-cloud environments. Portworx provides a consistent storage and data management layer that runs any Kubernetes distribution, on top of any cloud infrastructure, and on any hardware.

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