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Pure's Business Outcomes for SAP Applications

In this Pure Lightboard session, Nihal Mirashi and Ryan Arsenault talk about how Pure can modernise SAP environments.
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Hello and welcome. I'm Nicole Marashi, principal solutions marketing manager here at Pure Storage. And I'm joined by Ryan Arsenal. Hey, Ryan. Hello. So we're going to take the next few minutes and talk about how pure can modernise ASAP environments,
and I'm gonna start with the big picture. So what you see here in the diagram is typical architecture. In a very common in ASAP environments, you have the different applications, like s four Hana, which is the the e r. P. Solution. You have B w for Hannah, which is and then you have business technology,
platform and CRM. And of course, you might have many more applications, and you will always have the database s a P hana, which is an in memory database. So typically you have the compute component and the memory component in this layer. And last but not least, we have the storage layer, Um, typically a storage system that has got
the volumes for the for the database. In this case, we're talking about the pure flattery. And so, uh, monitoring all of this is, uh, typical management and monitoring solution. Um, there's a lot of different windows out there and keep track of the monitoring of the environment. Okay, so now we have the big picture.
Um, let's talk about how pure fits into this architecture. Yeah, sure in the hell. Thanks. So, obviously, we want pure storage to be the persistent storage layer for your Honda database. Right? So obviously you mentioned before hand and runs in memory, right? You need to be able to persist that data,
though memory is not persistent. If the power goes out, you lose, you lose your database. So pure storage flash array. Is that persistently a layer for your hunted database performance? Scalable, Uh, what we want you to use for your for your platform. Excellent observation. Right. And I think when we look at some of the common
issues when it comes to Modernising ASaP, environments, performance and scalability is the one that rises to the top as the most critical issue. Right? You've got mission critical applications like your e r P solution out there. Uh and you know, sometimes you run into this situation where organisations have legacy
infrastructure and they feel it might be good enough to do the job. And, um, I want to know from you. You know. Why is that not good enough? Yeah, sure. So you know, s a P is forcing you to go to Hannah right there, forcing you to go to their latest and greatest technology.
Um, you need to make sure you have more modern performing infrastructure behind that. Everyone tends to look at the memory layer for Hannah because that's that's where your transactions run. But the storage layer is equally important to be performing because let's take a typical situation where maybe you have an end of quarter scenario or a retail scenario like a black Friday where you're just doing millions
of transactions in your European environment. Your storage layer needs to be able to keep up with that, right? Every transaction that goes into memory also gets written into the storage layer for persistent six, and those are synchronous rights. And if you do not have those performance, you can run into a situation where your whole platform can slow down.
And I actually lived in an environment at a customer s A P s, where the whole platform was shut down at end of quarter because there's just too many transactions coming in on that legacy. infrastructure. Yeah, Great insight, China. In fact, I was talking to one of our customers utility company, and they mentioned, like they made a move from the legacy infrastructure to
pure flash rate for, uh, the same reason, right. They wanted to be able to get, uh, top tier performance and not be constrained when it came to scale up. And they did that at the same time as moving to s four. So it's a really good time to look at it. Excellent. Thank you.
And we hope that this video was helpful. Um, please visit pure storage dot com slash s a p for more information on our solutions for S A P. We have solution briefs, best practises guide technical white papers and stay tuned for more videos. Thank you for watching.
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