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Learn how to get more from your data while reducing complexity and cost.

Better Science:
HW & SW Co-Design

Alan Kay once said, “The people who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.” This is true today more than ever for the most successful technology organizations, from the world's favorite smartphone manufacturer to the most popular electric vehicle company. These companies understand that efficiency is essential to building great products and it requires co-innovation of hardware and software.


See how Pure has taken this approach to our entire portfolio and achieved unparalleled levels of efficiency for power, density, performance and more.

What's New in FlashBlade?

FlashBlade is the industry leading Unified Fast File and Object (UFFO) storage platform, engineered from the ground up for flash to deliver simplicity and multi-dimensional performance to manage modern, unstructured data and applications.


Learn how Pure will maintain its position at the cutting-edge of innovation in the file and object storage market. In this session, we’ll look into the latest FlashBlade enhancements and share the vision that will power the future of unstructured data.

Meet the FlashArray Family

The FlashArray family continues to grow, giving you more flexibility than ever while still staying true to the core value of simplicity. Come meet the family from the //C40 to the //XL170 and everyone in-between. In this session we'll highlight the differences, but just as important the similarities of the FlashArray portfolio.

PNC's Digital Financial Services Journey

Today’s financial institutions require a digital infrastructure that can keep up with the needs of their digital savvy customers -- and competitors. Join us for a discussion with PNC Bank to find out how their journey with Pure has helped them innovate to provide the service, security, and solutions their clients need to meet all their financial goals.


PNC’s Scott Gottesman will share their strategy for leveraging FlashStack, Pure’s software-defined hybrid-cloud infrastructure solution, to simplify data protection, scale to meet new demands, and improve operational efficiency across the enterprise.

Customer Voice: How Pure's Evergreen//One Operations helps Options Technology Run a Tight Ship

Discover how Options Technology uses Evergreen//One to accelerate business outcomes and how the Evergreen//One Operations team keeps things running smoothly.

FlashBlade: Get the Most From Your Evergreen Subscription

Evergreen subscriptions have revolutionized the ownership experience for storage. Buying your storage once and keeping it modern and performing, without re-buys or data migrations, has helped your peers uncomplicate their storage.


In this session, you'll learn the latest techniques to leverage your Evergreen Subscription to keep your FlashBlade system modern and agile.

Anatomy of a PowerMAX Killer: An Insider's Look at the New FlashArray//XL

Join us for a deep dive into how our latest FlashArray platform was designed from the chassis up for the most demanding enterprise applications.


How did our architects boost FlashArray//XL performance up to 70% to challenge legacy storage heavyweights? And how did they pack all that power and capacity into a compact, efficient 5U?


Watch this product tour where we’ll share:

  • The critical design features that make //XL a powerhouse
  • Performance testing results for key solutions like Oracle and SQL Server
  • Top use cases customers are tackling with //XL
  • How to replace your aging “big iron” storage with a winner

Own and Pay as You Go with Evergreen//Flex

Explore new pricing and procurement models for Pure Storage's FlashArray and FlashBlade products based on asset utilization, allowing customers the flexibility to purchase, own and control the underlying hardware while only paying for software and services with the capacity that they consume.

Never Pay the Ransom: How to Stay Always-protected and Always-current with Purity//FA 6.3

Get the inside scoop on how Purity//FA 6.3 can help you keep your data safe from evolving threats with new, automated data protection capabilities:


  • Auto-on SafeMode so you can forget about ever paying a ransom
  • ActiveDR file replication so simple you can set up in your sleep
  • Self-service Purity upgrades that you can do on your own schedule

Technical Deep-Dive on FlashBlade

FlashBlade is the storage platform preferred by a growing number of organizations for file and object workloads across Analytics, AI, Data Protection, HPC and more use-cases.


Join us in this session to take a deeper look into the underlying architecture of FlashBlade and get under the hood of the latest FlashBlade technical enhancements. We’ll walk you through how FlashBlade differs from traditional unstructured storage and share how you can drive improved outcomes for your workloads and applications.

Fusion Overview: Changing the Paradigm for Storage Providers and Consumers

Learn about the new storage-as-code cloud operating model from Pure Storage. As enterprises continue to make their cloud transition, it is becoming abundantly clear that the agility and flexibility of the cloud operating model is a major factor motivating that transition. With Fusion from Pure Storage, our users can leverage a cloud operating model across their entire storage fleet to reduce manual time and effort, increase development velocity, and improve utilization.


Watch this session to learn how Pure Fusion makes it all possible.

What's Next for Pure1

Pure1 has delivered many features that make your lives easier and helped kick off a new breed of monitoring and management tools. In this session we will take a look at how we're growing these features beyond what you can do today, but also how we're taking Pure1 into a new direction with capabilities that will change how you manage your infrastructure.

Evergreen//One Fast File and Object Service Updates

Evergreen//One allows you to get the on-prem, scale-out high performance you need for your data with the convenience of the on-demand consumption model offered by the cloud, while an Evergreen subscription delivers an agile storage architecture for continuous innovation.


In this session, we will provide a detailed overview of Unified Fast File and Object (UFFO) storage:


  • The UFFO service tiers using FlashBlade
  • How the Pure as-a-Service UFFO services tiers are evolving
  • Purchasing configurations for subscription models
  • How Evergreen protects your FlashBlade investment-
  • Incorporating the Pure subscription models to cost effectively scale high performance access to your data

Orange = Green: Pure Sustainability - How ESG is Going to Be a Big Part of Our Future

Organizations of all kinds are increasingly focused on sustainable practices. Learn how Pure Storage makes some of the best products for the environment in our industry, and how we're planning on making it easier to quantify the environmental impact of your fleet.

Uncomplicated Customer Experience with Professional Services

Pure has one of the best Net Promoter Scores in the business at 85.2. Professional Services delivers the human touch that makes that experience possible for our partners and customers. Pure Professional Services has developed new ways of speeding up the time-to-value as our customers adopt new Pure technologies, including Pure as-a-Service, data migrations, and workshops to create tangible plans. Our customers provide feedback that these services are an important part of why they choose to work with Pure over the long term.

Tom and his co-presenter will dive deep on how Professional Services has evolved the way we deliver these services with quick starts, centers of excellence, workshops, and premium support to enable customers to get to value quickly. He will also show how utilizing professional services frees up customer team members to innovate and deliver on their business goals.

Customer Panel: How Evergreen//Forever Solves Storage Headaches

Thousands of Pure customers rely on their Evergreen subscriptions to keep their purchased storage modern and performing, and eliminate storage end-of-life and rebuys. In this panel of longtime Pure users, we'll break down the advantages, agility, and expert best practices that organizations have gained through their Evergreen subscriptions. 

Whether taking advantage of new features from always-improving software, or avoiding forklift upgrades via always-modern hardware, these users will share what works and what doesn't.

Database Solutions

Find out how always-on, always-fast database solutions from Pure eliminate bottlenecks, complexity, and costly downtime.

Deploying SQL Server in Kubernetes

Are you thinking about running SQL Server in Kubernetes and don’t know where to start? Are you wondering about what you need to know? If so, then this is the session for you!


When deploying SQL Server in Kubernetes, key considerations include data persistency, Pod configuration, resource management, and high availability/disaster recovery scenarios. This session will look closely at each of these elements to help you successfully run SQL Server in Kubernetes.

The Future of Hybrid Data Services with Microsoft and Pure Storage

The hybrid cloud is here to stay. Edge computing continues to expand and the appetite for AI is vivacious. This year Microsoft will release its most cloud connected version of SQL Server to take customers on that journey. Listen in as Bob Ward, Microsoft Principal Architect for Azure Data, discusses how far we have come, where we are going and why the future will run seamlessly with SQL Server on Pure Storage.

Oracle Database Cloning and Refresh: From Theory to Practice

The number of organizations embracing Agile development methodologies is increasing by the day. For that to be successful, it’s imperative that development, test, and support teams are provided with recent copies of their production Oracle databases. This increases the number of requests to the DBA team to spin up new database copies or refresh existing ones. It is estimated that for each production database, there exist at least six non-production environments. Without the use of data reduction technologies, like those provided by Purity Snapshots, and automation of the workflow, the storage as well as human cost of creating and maintaining the non-production databases can quickly get out of control.

Reduce SAP HANA TCO with SAP HANA NSE, Intel Optane, & Pure Storage

SAP HANA’s data tiering solution, Native Storage Extension (NSE), supports S/4HANA and allows you to move up to 80% of HANA data into a warm data tier. Housing this data outside of in-memory HANA, generally reduces costs by a similar percentage!

But traditionally such savings also came with a stiff performance penalty when you bring that warm data back into HANA for processing. No More.

Pure Storage has partnered with Intel to integrate their new Optane SSD memory into our FlashArray solutions for SAP. Optane dramatically reduces the latency associated your data’s return trip to HANA. With Optane SSD, aka DirectMemory™ Cache from Pure Storage, your users will not notice any difference compared to leaving their entire dataset in-memory. But your IT budget will love you. Think of all you can do with the savings!

3 Key Questions:

  • What is HANA NSE and how does it work?
  • What is Intel Optane SSD for Storage?
  • How does NSE & Optane reduce HANA Total Cost of Ownership?

Data Protection

See how Pure’s modern data protection prevents disruptions to business operations—planned and unplanned.

Business Continuity at No-cost for Your Business with ActiveCluster

IT system downtime can cost companies considerable revenue loss, damage their brand image and even regulatory compliance issues. Therefore, Business continuity with zero RPO/RTO for critical business applications is paramount for organizations to ensure they are able to deliver high quality service. For such scenario, Pure provides symmetric synchronous replication solution ActiveCluster all inclusive with FlashArray. In this session, we will discuss how ActiveCluster can provide business continuity for your business by delivering zero data loss and transparent failover.

Indestructible Backups with FlashArray SafeMode and Veeam Hardened Repositories

Backups are your last line of defense against cyber attacks. Are you doing everything you can to ensure an attacker doesn't destroy yours? Join data protection experts Zane and JD as they discuss how FlashArray SafeMode and Veeam Hardened Repositories work together to ensure your backups are highly resilient against malicious destruction and ready to help you recover fast.

Next Generation Data Protection: Accelerating Outcomes with FlashBlade

Pure FlashBlade is a high performance unified file and object storage platform designed to accelerate your data protection outcomes. In particular, FlashBlade dramatically improves restore performance, allowing you to get systems back on line quickly. Join this session to learn how FlashBlade provides a highly flexible, secure, high-performing platform to grow cutting edge data protection capabilities. FlashBlade is tested to work with multiple backup software solutions.

Protecting Your Data with FlashArray

FlashArray//C is a high-capacity data storage solution for virtualization, databases, file and user shares, and data protection. When 24x7 operations mean there’s zero tolerance for inconsistent performance or unplanned disruptions, FlashArray//C provides six-nines of availability, non-disruptive upgrades, improved economics, and consistent single-millisecond latency for the most demanding environments.

Simple, Secure, Automatic. What's New with SafeMode?

Ransomware attacks are constantly evolving. As should the tools you use to defend against them. This session is for SafeMode noobs and veterans alike. We'll start by answering the question, "What is SafeMode?" We will then review all of the new SafeMode features that have been developed in the last year. Join us as we discuss what makes SafeMode simple, secure, and now... automatic.

Maximizing EPIC Service Availability and Recoverability with Pure FlashArray and FlashRecover

EPIC is the most widely used electronic medical record (EMR) in the world. With more than 250 million patient records digitally stored in EPIC, maintaining security and service availability to these records is critical. This session discusses using Pure FlashArray to achieve RPO/RTO of 0 for EPIC. Also covered is using Pure FlashRecover to deliver rapid recovery of vital data in the event of a ransomware attack.

Protecting Databases and Backups from Ransomware and Malicious Intent

As data professionals we need to constantly review and reduce our exposure to malware and other threats. This is best achieved by adopting a multi-level approach to data protection. In this session, we discuss data protection challenges and share some of the steps we can take to protect our MS SQL and Oracle databases and backups from ransomware attacks and malicious intent.


Discover how to accelerate cloud-native and traditional applications with a unified data platform.

Fusion for Storage Providers: Create Cloud Storage Services Anywhere

Pure Fusion is the storage-as-code operating model from Pure Storage that gives users the agility and flexibility of a cloud operating model across their entire storage fleet. This session will go deep into what this means for storage providers: those who are tasked with designing and building the next generation of policy-driven storage infrastructure-as-code.


Watch this session to learn how to implement the elements of the Fusion object model, define rich storage services, and empower users to consume those services on-demand.

Making Hybrid Cloud a Reality and a Success!

In this Spotlight, hear about the lessons learned on a hybrid cloud journey from Seth Weingarten, Vice President, Network Technology at Ampersand, a leading TV advertising technology and sales company. Ampersand had a mission to dramatically reduce on-prem data center costs, pivot strongly to public cloud and enable cloud disaster recovery, dev/test, and production workloads for critical database workloads.


They also had a strong need for seamless data mobility, fast and frequent refreshes of production and DevTest data, and simplified operations between their on-prem data center and AWS cloud resources. Find out how Pure was able to help Seth's team and Ampersand achieve their goals with a hybrid cloud solution including FlashArray, Pure Cloud Block Store and Pure1 technologies.

Pure Storage VMware Best Practices

Pure Storage maintains an industry topping NPS by ensuring our customer experience is the very best! We work hard to minimize the need for best practices, but sometimes there are considerations and configurations that virtualization and storage administrators should be aware of to make their lives as easy as possible.


Watch this session and find out what they are and why they matter.

Enable a Next-Gen Connected Cloud Datacenter with Programmable and Flexible Infrastructure

Many businesses are challenged with on-demand infrastructure provisioning while striving to reduce or eliminate their traditional, physical datacenter footprint. Businesses that are modernizing their datacenter presence are adopting more flexible, on-demand infrastructure consumption models, but still require strict legal and data compliance guidelines.


To address these paradoxical needs, they are choosing a mix of programmable infrastructure and connected cloud architectures with open APIs. These integrated models using Kubernetes on bare metal hosts can burst to cloud with a native storage layer providing a flexible infrastructure with predictable performance for core and edge applications.


Fully hybrid deployments can also be achieved with edge located, cloud connected storage that can be directly mounted to hyperscale compute instances to achieve near infinite compute scale while meeting strict data storage performance and compliance needs.

Cloud Economics in a Hybrid World

During this chat we will discuss the changing landscape of IT and why as-a-Service has become so important to IT organizations both financially and technically. We will discuss how customers are leveraging Evergreen//One and FlashStack as-a-Service to build flexible infrastructure plans for the unpredictable future.

Cloudy with a Chance of Pure Storage: Pure's Cloud Focus Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

This cloud strategy discussion will cover user requirements and desired outcomes when evaluating cloud related challenges, including agility, cost, portability, and availability concerns. Our Chief Technology Officer Rob Lee and Principal Technologist Andrew Miller will discuss how we solve cloud challenges in five key areas.


Pure has embraced a cloud operating model on-premises and in the cloud since its origin to solve our user’s biggest business challenges. Our Chief Technology Officer Rob Lee and Principal Technologist Andrew Miller will discuss how we solve cloud challenges in five key areas.


  1. Cloudy capabilities in on-prem storage
  2. Evergreen//One: a true consumption-based offering providing OpEx on-prem and in the cloud
  3. Enable traditional apps with enterprise data services in the cloud
  4. Bridge to the cloud with cloud adjacent solutions and Bare Metal as-a-Service
  5. Next-Gen app capabilities (Kubernetes, microservices, etc.). Twelve-factor app time!

Destination Cloud Unlocked - How to Minimize Cost and Maximize Performance

Determining what workloads go to the cloud and then migrating them into the public cloud can be complex and expensive. Once those apps have been moved, the myriad of options and balancing cost with performance in the public cloud can make your head spin. This session showcases strategies and functionalities related to networking, compute, and using the enterprise features that Pure Cloud Block Store provides, including: snapshots, operational efficiencies to optimize data movement, spend reduction and uptime to meet your most critical business requirements.

Fusion for Storage Consumers: Storage-as-Code in a Cloud Operating Model

Pure Fusion is the storage-as-code operating model from Pure Storage that gives users the agility and flexibility of a cloud operating model anywhere: on-premises, in the public cloud, or a hybrid of both. This session will go deep into what this means for storage consumers -- those who are deploying storage, those who are building applications, and those who want the operational simplicity of a cloud operating model across the board.


Watch this session to learn how the Fusion operating model empowers users to quickly and easily provision storage that meets their needs without requiring them to understand the ins and outs of building a resilient storage infrastructure or interacting with one directly. Whether it’s cloud-native applications in containers or mission critical databases on physical servers, on-premises or in the public cloud, Fusion provides the tools to build and surface the cloud services users need while making it fast and simple for them to consume them.

Portworx Cloud-Native Storage and Data Management

Join SHI to explore the benefits of Portworx for enabling secure enterprise grade cloud native containers at scale. We will be discussing how Portworx allows organizations to scale their data services across the hybrid cloud and beyond while maintaining persistence, security and resilient.

Simplify Hybrid and Multi Cloud Data Mobility with Pure Replication Options

Hybrid cloud is a great approach for reducing costs and lowering risk while enhancing agility and scalability. To be successful in your hybrid cloud journey, you need to ensure that your data has frictionless mobility to move as per your evolving business needs.


In this session, we cover various replication options that enable ease of data mobility between your on-premises FlashArray systems and the public cloud with Pure Cloud Block Store. We will showcase asynchronous replication, active-active synchronous replication, and continuous replication to meet all of your RPO and RTO requirements.

Simplify Management and Protection of SQL Server Hybrid Cloud Environments

Users can easily protect on-premises SQL Server data by replication to Azure. SQL Server Management Studio enables disaster recovery in Azure with Pure Cloud Block Store. Both crash-consistent and application-consistent recovery are possible. This session explores how you can simplify and accelerate SQL Server DR and SQL standup in Azure VMs with automation and built-in integrations.


Additionally, DBAs and Storage Admins will learn how to enable application consistent snapshot management on-premises and in the public cloud with Pure Cloud Block Store. We will cover choosing the right volume types (Physical, RDM, vVol), succeeding with common use cases, and discovering the benefits of the Pure Backup SDK.


Explore how powerful scale-out storage delivers real time insights.

Innovating with AI in the Financial Industry: 6 Steps for Turning AI into ROI

From market insights to customer experience, fraud detection to algo trading, AI is driving innovation and automation in financial services. But with challenges around compliance, legacy technology and siloed data, what is needed is a practical approach to implementing AI across the organization. In this session, we'll look at the foundation needed for successful enterprise AI and six steps for turning AI into ROI.

Large Scale Log Analytics Using FlashBlade, Spark and Kafka

The Code Factory in FlashBlade Engineering generates several million lines of logs per second from several thousand data sources. We scan this log stream looking for 100s of patterns and report hits to the build and defect tracking systems for early warnings and for a reduction of manual triage time. Watch this session to learn more.

Analytics and AI for Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is no longer just for security. It is a tool that can be used to modernize and streamline your operations. However, it requires the “total picture,” a large part of which is analytics! Whether that takes place on your real-time video feeds or is used to gain insights from petabytes of archived video, we can help!

Building an AI Future with AIRI

Since its introduction, AIRI, jointly architected by Pure Storage and NVIDIA, has established itself as the industry-leading solution trusted by hundreds of customers at different stages of their AI journey. Learn about the latest AIRI enhancements to see how Pure is maintaining its position at the cutting-edge of AI innovation. In this session, we’ll look into the vision that will power the future of AI workloads.

Enabling one of the World's Fastest AI Supercomputers

Meta's AI Research SuperCluster (RSC) is believed to be among the fastest AI supercomputers in the world. It is helping Meta’s AI researchers build new and better AI models that can learn from trillions of examples, work across hundreds of different languages, seamlessly analyze text, images, and video together, develop new augmented reality tools, and much more.


In this session, we will learn the design considerations and challenges involved in deploying AI at scale and why Pure Storage is the preferred storage choice of customers at any stage in their AI journey.

Speed Security Analytics at Any Scale

To protect your organization, SecOps depends on security analytics to power rapid experimentation, threat-hunting, and purple-teaming exercises. They need the best performance possible to:


  • Detect and respond to threats in real time automatically
  • Identify anomalies in historic and behavioral data
  • Leverage advanced algorithms and AI to detect never-before-seen threats


Achieve the speed and agility IT and SecOps teams need today by supporting un-siloed data, separation of compute and storage, and elastic and automated infrastructure. Pure storage is efficient and easy to use so you can focus on insights, not operations.

The Hunt for Maximum Performance and Scalability using Kubernetes and Splunk SmartStore

Tired of Splunk sprawl? Is your Kafka cluster cluttered with a myriad of local storage? You’re not alone. Architects and administrators of big data applications like Splunk and Kafka are looking for ways to modernize and scale their platforms, improve workload performance, maximize system resource utilization, and improve operational efficiency.


Storage architects from Intel and Pure Storage will explain how organizations achieve these goals. They will show how they scaled with the Splunk Operator for Kubernetes and Confluent for Kubernetes, while ingesting Intel IT’s real-world production data. The team achieved peak Splunk ingest rates of 886 MBps across a nine-node cluster running 30 indexer pods, while simultaneously completing 400 successful Splunk dense searches per minute. That’s a LOT of data! They will also share the benefits of Pure Storage FlashBlade for Splunk SmartStore and Confluent Tiered Storage.

Accelerating Next-Generation Genomics Pipelines with Modern Flash

Genomics data is growing exponentially, with data storage demands doubling every seven months. As life sciences and healthcare organizations move to precision medicine, they need hyper-scalable, flexible, cost-effective data storage to match their growing needs. Near-real time genomics analytics requires infrastructure that is both low latency and high bandwidth.


By choosing a modern flash storage architecture from Pure Storage, organizations can speed up their genomics pipelines and reduce turnaround time for clinical sequencing by up to 24x. With multi-protocol support, Pure FlashBlade can capture data directly from sequencers to conduct primary, secondary and tertiary analyses with a single, scale-out dynamic storage solution that handles small and large files equally well. The scalability, high availability and resiliency of Pure helps maximize sequencer runtime, and combined with the best of on-premises and the cloud, organizations can truly focus on delivering the promise of precision medicine, drive a faster time to science, and improve patient outcomes.

Data Driven High Performance Containers

High performance workloads (AI, Analytics, Data science and HPC) are slowly migrating from bespoke silos of IT infrastructure to a more global enterprise as a service architecture requiring seamless access to datasets. The session will focus on the move from siloed architectures to the adoption of containers and K8s in the high performance workload community and then link to Portworx and FlashBlade as the underlying foundation for an enterprise ready deployment at scale.


This track will demonstrate how we can successfully implement high performance, data-driven containerized workloads that provide frictionless access to datasets while considering both scale, performance and access.


Experience the Portworx Pavillion and learn why Portworx is the #1 Kubernetes data services platform for leading enterprises.

A Day in the Life of a Kubernetes Admin

Containers and Kubernetes have changed the way applications are built and deployed in production. Kubernetes is no longer in the early market phase. It has crossed the chasm and entered the mainstream market. Organizations of all sizes are running Kubernetes at scale in production, and this has led to the expansion of responsibilities for an administrator.


In this session, we put on our admin hats and demonstrate how Portworx can help deliver the features needed by developers to build modern apps, while at the same time providing admins with a robust data management layer with features like dynamic provisioning of block and file storage, capacity management, topology awareness, data security, disaster recovery and more!

Accelerate the Path to Production with VMWare Tanzu and Portworx

As a Virtual Infrastructure (VI) Admin, you modernized your infrastructure using VMware Tanzu to offer a Kubernetes platform to your developers. But how do you prepare for a disaster? How do you meet your service level agreements? How long will it take your infrastructure and applications to recover and return to normalcy following a failure? How does your existing storage map to Kubernetes?


If these questions keep you awake at night or sound interesting, then join this session. You will learn how Portworx can provide the best data management layer for VMware Tanzu, while leveraging your existing storage backend. We will demonstrate how Portworx simplifies Day 0 and Day 2 operations, while at the same time providing a solution that can help you build disaster recovery and data protection solutions to meet your application service level agreements to keep your business running.

Best Practices for Doing Kubernetes Data Protection the RIGHT Way!

Kubernetes provides the flexibility to quickly deploy your applications on any cloud and easily migrate them across clouds or premises. But how do you ensure this flexibility doesn't put your applications at risk?


In this hands-on session, learn how to best implement Portworx backup and data protection solutions to achieve true application-level backups, multi-cloud resiliency, and seamless application portability. With Portworx, you can trust your data will be available and recoverable.

Supercharge Your Amazon EKS Clusters with Portworx

According to the latest CNCF survey, Amazon EKS is the most popular certified Kubernetes hosted platform consumed by enterprises. Similarly, Portworx has been identified as the Gold Standard when it comes to Kubernetes storage by industry analysts.


Grab a coffee and join us for this “demopalooza” where we will spend an entire hour doing live demonstrations to highlight the value that Portworx + Amazon EKS can bring to your organization. We will walk through scenarios like dynamic workload and storage provisioning, cross region disaster recovery and data protection, automated capacity management, and topology awareness.

How the Scottish Government is Building a Hybrid and Multicloud Strategy with Kubernetes & Portworx

Join Neill Smith, Head of IT Infrastructure, Scottish Government, and Joe Gardiner, Head of Cloud Native Architecture, Pure Storage, who discuss how the Scottish Government is leading the way with their true multi-cloud strategy. Portworx® by Pure Storage is a key solution enabling the portability & flexibility of using any cloud or Kubernetes platform.

You Don't Need to be a Kubernetes Expert to Protect your Apps with Portworx Backup-as-a-Service

Be one of the first to experience the speed and simplicity you can achieve using Portworx Backup-as-a-Service, an as-a-service offering for Kubernetes workloads. Learn how Portworx BaaS can drive faster application deployments, simplify day-to-day operations, and provide tight integrations for cloud apps. It can also automate onboarding and deployment workflows to help you quickly protect your applications running anywhere, whether on cloud or on-prem.

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