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Pure Storage FlashBlade Accelerates Time-to-Market for EDA Workloads

Half of the top semiconductor companies rely on Pure to fast-track innovation
Pure FlashBlade Accelerates Time-to-Market for EDA Workloads

Mountain View, Calif. – May 3, 2022 — Pure Storage (NYSE: PSTG), the IT pioneer that delivers the world’s most advanced data storage technology and services, is empowering  electronic design automation (EDA) workloads and accelerating next-gen chip design.

Modern EDA chip development requires high-performance storage that can serve thousands of powerful servers and extremely fast networks in all dimensions of concurrency—throughput, IOPS, latency, fast deletes, capacity and metadata—to eliminate bottlenecks that slow data access. While legacy storage architectures add unnecessary complexity and either saturate or scale inefficiently when faced with modern EDA workloads, Pure FlashBlade was designed from the ground up to meet the high-concurrency requirements of semiconductor and EDA workloads. As a result, 50 percent of the top 10 semiconductor companies rely on the solution to remain competitive and expedite time to market.

By consolidating two traditionally separate storage paradigms—file and object storage—into one performant data solution, FlashBlade enables organisations to replace siloed collections of data with a single scale-out storage solution that delivers multidimensional performance at scale. This combination of file and object storage protocols with the low latency, massive parallelism, and high throughput capabilities of enterprise all flash storage, make it the ideal storage solution for EDA workloads.

Pure Storage is continuing to grow its EDA footprint with more companies than ever now using FlashBlade for analytics and technical computing to expedite modern chip design processes as their chip design business units grow rapidly. In fact, software developers are seeing workloads finish more than 5x faster than the status quo with FlashBlade and benefiting from up to 2.5:1 data reduction through compression. Customer examples include:

  • A leading company in the semiconductor industry that leverages FlashBlade’s fast performance and stability for Rapid Restore to maintain a more stable production line, a fast development cycle, and a cost-effective development environment through data reduction.
  • A major electronics and smart home technology company is using FlashBlade to finish more EDA jobs and bring chip design to market faster. Furthermore, performance at scale with minimal intervention enables smoother management and frees up staff for other tasks.
  • A multinational semiconductor, software and wireless technology company cites FlashBlade for helping the company reach its CAPEX and OPEX goals with simplified management and superior performance capable of meeting the demands of modern unstructured data that EDA workloads require.
  • Another FlashBlade EDA customer creating chip design software reported a greater than 10 times improvement in run time of its highly concurrent software build and regression workload — with runtimes repeatedly decreasing from six hours to 20 minutes.

FlashBlade’s simplicity, performance and scalability are driving tomorrow’s next-generation chip designs and its ability to scale input/output (I/O) efficiently under massive parallelism is making a significant impact on semiconductor designers globally. By speeding up all aspects of the design flow — from RTL design to tapeout — FlashBlade helps customers release products faster, with higher quality and lower cost, and improves engineering productivity with the ability to do more designs at the same time. Additionally, customers can take advantage of FlashBlade at Equinix with Microsoft Azure for EDA, to leverage cloud-adjacent storage for EDA workloads.

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About Pure Storage

Pure Storage (NYSE: PSTG) gives technologists their time back. Pure delivers a modern data experience that empowers organisations to run their operations as a true, automated, storage as-a-service model seamlessly across multiple clouds. Pure helps customers put data to use while reducing the complexity and expense of managing the infrastructure behind it. And with a certified customer satisfaction score in the top one percent of B2B companies, Pure's ever-expanding list of customers are  among the happiest in the world. For more information, visit

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