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Pure Storage and Sitec

ATIH Upgrades to FlashArray for Improved Performance and Visibility

Agency responsible for French hospital data relies on Pure Storage to improve performance, protect data, and ease storage management.


ATIH collects, hosts, and analyzes data from all French hospitals. As volume and performance needs increased, ATIH replaced its previous infrastructure with Pure Storage, reaping the full benefits of improved performance, flexibility, and integrated data encryption to provide end users with faster and easier access to data while simplifying storage management. 


  • Healthcare


  • EMEA

Use Cases

  • Virtual Server Infrastructure: VMware vSphere®



To improve the volume and performance issues, ATIH, which processes large volumes of data, needed a new storage solution that was compatible with Fiber Channel technology and provided native and integral data encryption to:

  • Improve volume and performance issues
  • Protect sensitive data
  • Simplify storage management and visibility 


Business Transformation

ATIH eliminated delays with accelerated access to data and services for end users, and experienced a 10-fold increase in processing speeds, enabling it to deploy new data processing solutions such as Hadoop for big data. 

IT Transformation

  • Data reduction rates of 8.3:1 and 4 :1 on both arrays.
  • 66 TB of data stored on only 8 TB effective on one array, and 104 TB on 26 TB effective on the other array.
  • A constant IOPS rate above 20,000, and a latency lower than a millisecond.
  • A replication time asynchronous between the two arrays, divided by 4, going from 12 hours to 3 hours.

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