Pure Storage and Searcher Seismic

CFA Keeps Mission-Critical Apps Running with Highly Available Pure Storage Platform

Argentinian Bank uses Pure Storage to keep mission-critical applications running while reducing its data center footprint.


Compañía Financiera de Argentina (CFA), a financial entity focused on providing services to the unbanked population, invested in a Pure Storage® FlashArray to support its mission-critical applications. The FlashArray provides significant reductions in space and power consumption within the data center, which helped the bank reduce its fixed operating expenses.


  • Financial Services


  • Argentina

Use Cases

  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server, UniVerse
  • Virtualisation platform: VMware ELA, Citrix VDI
  • ERP: SAP



Despite its commercial success, Argentina’s economic situation—characterized by a generalized increase in prices, a weak currency, and rising energy rates—has forced CFA to look for ways to optimise operational costs, including those related to its technology infrastructure. CFA needed to:

  • Renew its technology infrastructure after hosting data center externally.
  • Optimise energy and space expenses


Business Transformation

Clients gain access to business critical seismic data in minutes, not weeks, while Searcher Seismic capitalizes on a powerful, versatile data hub that serves as a platform for multiple initiatives producing new revenue streams.

IT Transformation

  • Reduced data-center space requirements from a complete rack to only three rack units.
  • Replaced a high power-consuming array, equipped with three or four sources, with a low-consuming one, with two 10amp sources.
  • Accelerated system processes by up to 9x.
  • Provided a highly available platform to meet the demands of mission-critical applications.

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