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Deploying Data Insights to Bolster Air Defenses

Military Branches use Pure Storage® to collect, analyse, and draw insight from aircraft and flight simulation data to better prepare pilots for combat.


To strengthen air defenses and improve pilot performance in threat-dense environments, military organisations plan to analyse hundreds of sensor data points from in-flight aircrafts and pilot training simulators. Using FlashBlade® and FlashArray™, running on a high-performance FlashStack® infrastructure, they achieve superior performance with a simplicity that reduces maintenance efforts.


  • Government


  • North America

Use Cases

  • Accelerate Core Applications
  • Activate Real-time Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence


The plans for sensor data involve unprecedented volumes on unstructured simulation and flight data, requiring infrastructure with very high performance. The military organisations also experience frequent staff turnover with many contractors, so infrastructure needs to be simple enough to train new staff quickly.


Business Transformation

  • Augment pilot training and defense strategies with in-depth data insight
  • Simulate threat-dense environments that were once impossible to recreate
  • Extend powerful data storage and analysis capabilities to 4 data centre sites

IT Transformation

  • Cut 180 days-worth of manpower from storage upgrade processes
  • Easily analyse and act on data in multiple formats and file sizes
  • Replicate data centre enhancements at multiple sites with minimal effort

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