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Ordnance Survey Embarks on Ambitious Data Journey

Britain’s national mapping service keeps its database of 500 million unique features running for clients in all sectors with Pure Storage® FlashArray™.


Ordnance Survey requires 100% uptime to keep its clients’ mission-critical services running. With Pure Storage FlashArray, the organisation improves access to data while developing new services to keep ahead of the competition.


  • Technology


  • EMEA

Use Cases

  • Data Protection
  • Virtulization



Ordnance Survey data is used by many different sectors, from housing, transport, and retail to emergency response, public health, and environmental agencies. The organisation needed a robust storage environment capable of supporting growing data needs.


Business Transformation

  • Accommodates over 1,000 edits and additions per day to the master database
  • Keeps data available with 100% uptime for the storage environment
  • Supports net-zero data centre goals by consuming less space and power

IT Transformation

  • Saves storage costs and reduces access time with deduplication
  • Deploys servers and spins up virtual machines in minutes
  • Reduced number of people needed for storage management

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