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Room & Board Drives Retail Innovation

Room & Board gains the confidence it needs to drive retail innovations with a strong technical foundation built on Pure Storage FlashArray for high performance and reliability.


Room & Board wanted to be an innovative retail company that could take customer and employee experiences to the next level. By consolidating workloads onto Pure Storage FlashArray, Room & Board dramatically improves reliability with fast failover while improving performance, reducing costs, and slashing maintenance.


  • Retail



Use Cases

  • Accelerate Core Applications 



By consolidating workloads onto Pure Storage FlashArray, Room & Board has the speed, capacity, and reliability that it needs to concentrate on developing innovative services for customers and employees.


Business Transformation

  • Supports high-tech stores, including mobile point-of-sale devices and 3D showrooms
  • Provides a reliable two-hour delivery window with real-time truck routing and tracking
  • Promotes remote accessibility, including work-from-home for employees and online consulting for customers

IT Transformation

  • Reduces support costs by $30,000 annually by consolidating workloads
  • Nearly eliminates time spent on regular maintenance and administration
  • Upgrades to the latest-generation controllers every three years with the Evergreen Storage model

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