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Pure Storage and Children's of Alabama

Sinai Chicago Keeps Medical Services Running

Medical organisation uses Pure Storage to improve availability of medical applications and maintain compliance with regulations.


Sinai Medical needs critical medial data to remain accessible and secure at all times to give healthcare workers the information and applications they need when working with patients. Pure Storage® supports fast data restoration to minimize disruption.






North America

Use Cases

Modernise Data Protection


Why Restore Is the Next Backup
Listen to our panel of industry, customer and technology experts as they discuss real-world restore requirements and how Pure addresses them.


Healthcare providers need 24x7 access to medical records and applications to better serve patients and improve health outcomes. At the same time, data must be stored for up to 10 years to comply with HIPAA and other healthcare regulations.



Business Transformation

  • Improves availability of healthcare apps with restoration times of as little as 15 minutes instead of 12 hours 
  • Complies with HIPAA regulations by maintaining accurate records for up to 10 years
  • Supports digital health programs that improve healthcare outcomes

IT Transformation

  • Simplifies storage management, allowing IT staff to focus on other projects
  • Protects medical data from malware or ransomware
  • Easily meets growing storage needs to maintain multiple generations of backups

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